Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Clerics of Janus (Part I)

Lawful Roman God of Gateways, Beginnings, & Time
Tenets of Janus
* Evoke Janus before all others
* Preside over gateways
* See to the proper rituals for all beginnings
* See also to the proper rites of space, as well

Clerics of Janus
Special: Clerics of Janus are also known as priests and priestesses. Being a very Roman God, his clerics focus much on proper ritual, which often takes 1d6 turns at a time. What is more, those clerics who eschew all armor may assume a bicephalus (two faced) form for up to 1 round per day per level. See Lugh’s Divine Test #15 in Divinities and Cults: Volume II for how this ability would work.

Allowed Weapons: Rod, staff
Allowed Armor: Banded or lighter*
Holy Symbol: Two-face (Gemini), Key
Can Turn: Those who violate the laws of time or space (such as undead and summoned beings)
Janus Mysteries: Clerics of Janus gain a +2 bonus to all rolls related to doorways, gateways, space, time, and the like.