Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Divinities and Cults: Volume I (Labyrinth Lord) 2017 revision

I’ve nearly finished editing Divinities and Cults: Volume I for Labyrinth Lord again this month. Thanks to those of you who have asked questions and let me know about any issues.

I did catch a couple more myself over these last 100-odd hours of work, and also adjusted some formatting, added a little stock art, and changed some sections to make them more balanced and interesting. One main update was making it so that each Divinity now grants bonus benefits for Healing Side-Effects results #8-12, though what those benefits are still depend on that god or goddess’s disposition!

Everything should be ready and re-uploaded to Drivethru by this weekend. I’ll send a message to let any who have already purchased the book know that it has been updated- you can then download the revised copy for free. I think you’ll enjoy it.

Collectors who don’t have their own copy yet should order now, since the original version will be unavailable once the new version is up.

I can also start working on revising Volume I for DCC RPG too if there is enough interest.

Next week, we return to the bonus Divinity article series with a Pictish god! Stay tuned...