Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Clerics of Heimdall, Pt. II

Divine Tests (Heimdall)
Long bridges make for good neighbors, especially when such bridges are well-guarded.

1-4. Hark! Who goes there? The cleric of Heimdall need be ready, taking a total of 1d4 damage along with a penalty to all his rolls equal to his divine test result (-1 to -4). The former can be healed via normal rest; the latter reduces by 1 for every intruder that he is first to notice and challenge.

5-9. To better understand guardianship, Heimdall sequesters some of his cleric’s spells (50% chance for each one) including possibly his turn ability. The cleric must do one of the following in order to be able to use each one again. Roll 1d8.
[1] Sleep less than a bird, taking a –2d6 penalty to all his rolls for the rest of the day, due to tiredness.
[2] Happen to spot someone at a great distance.
[3] Notice a faint sound.
[4] Send an invader back to their homeland (or appropriate afterlife if they resist).
[5] Return an expensive item back to its rightful owner, thus maintaining social station.
[6-8] Guard a bridge or other boundary for at least 2d3 hours.

10-14. Now the Bridge Lord takes a more direct interest in the cleric, empowering him to be an even more capable sentinel. Roll 1d5 to see what permanent change occurs.
[1] White Guardian: Like his god, the cleric turns pure white and shimmers in an ivory light, appearing larger and gaining a +2 CHA bonus when dealing with goodly folk, but also a -6 penalty to remaining hidden.
[2] Watchman’s Sense: The cleric can see and hear with a +6 bonus, though he must save vs. spell in order to enter an area in which he would clearly be intruding.
[3] Rainbow Divide: As with Great Bifrost above, the cleric can now detect the presence of bridges and other portals within 120’ at will, though he must save vs. death to avoid also having to guard said bridge or portal for the next hour. The bands of the rainbow only appear when separated; vigilance requires they be kept apart.
[4] Gullintanni & Gulltoppr: The cleric’s teeth and hair turn golden, allowing him to pick one spell that he knows and reroll any roll for it up to once per day. In return, he cannot learn the next spell that he would have learned upon gaining a new level or the like. Such is the need to protect what is already had and known at the expense of change.
[5] Born of Nine Sisters: Sent across the Rainbow Bridge, the cleric will vanish to reside in a random Norse Otherworld for the next 24 hours (see Volume I). Upon his return, he can now sense which world he is on at will, as well as determine from where another hails. So much the better for keeping watch against intrusion.

15-17. Who will guard the pass? At the next bridge or other borderland, the cleric (and his allies, if any) will be attacked by invaders that will pursue unto death unless slain first. Roll 1d4 to see who he must attempt to send back to the shadows:
[1] 1d2 Hill giants
[2] 1d3 Trolls
[3] 3d4 Foreign warriors
[4] 3d4 Orcs or goblins

18+ Gjallarhorn will resound to wake the Gods to make ready for Ragnarok. The Heimdall cleric hears it, though only in preparation, for vigilance is essential for when that day truly comes. For now, he is sent to Bifrost to make ready for 1 day per divine test total over 17. What is more, he only has a 75% chance of returning after each day, for the Rainbow Bridge is where he would most wish to dwell. Roll for each day gone, also granting the cleric 1% bonus experience for each day if he does return, though just one failure means that he doesn’t.

DCC RPG Conversion notes:
Turn ability= Turn unholy ability
Save vs. death= Will save DC 10
Save vs. spell= Will save DC 15

Next week: clerics of Heimdall, Part III!