Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Druids of Johnny Applewheeze, Part III

Spells (Johnny Applewheeze)
Druids of Johnny Applewheeze have access to the following spells. Being only an arch-demon though, they only have a 75% chance of succeeding when they attempt spells of 4th level or higher. This restriction is in addition to any other requirements his druids might have to make such spells work.

Also note that many of his spells affect those with allergies differently than others, manifesting the exact things the targets are allergic to in a most dastardly way. If unsure, humans usually have a base 30% chance of having allergies, while those who have been previously exposed to the effects of Johnny Applewheeze have a 60% chance. Demi-humans, humanoids, and domesticated animals only have a 10% chance of being allergic to the things that Johnny might use for torture.

1st Level: Purify Food and Drink (reverse), Sanctuary (from those with allergies), EntangleD, Pass without TraceD, Allergen Hands (as Burning Hands*, but only harms those with allergies, also stunning them for 1d2 rounds), Apple Missile (as Magic Missile*, otherwise as Allergen hands)

2nd Level: Bless (reverse), Delay Poison (reverse), Hold Person (making targets feel like they’re about to sneeze), BarkskinD, Find PlantD, Fire TrapD (damage done is actually from a severe allergic reaction), Warp WoodD, Ray of Enfeeblement* (only works on those with allergies)

3rd Level: Cure Disease (reverse), Speak with Plants (apple trees only), Remove Curse (reverse: bestow an allergy), Plant GrowthD, Tree ShapeD, Suggestion* (to get targets to eat apples!)

4th Level^: Create Food and Water (laced with allergens), PassplantD, Appleball (as Fireball*, but only harms those with allergies, also stunning them for 1d2 rounds)

5th Level^: Apple Tree Stride (as Tree StrideD, but only works on apple trees), Commune with NatureD

6th Level^: Animate Objects (allergens, hives, and mucus only), Fire SeedsD (damage caused is from severe reactions)

^25% (additional) chance of spell failure

1st Level (d6): Food of the Gods (laced with allergens), Holy Sanctuary (from those with allergies), Paralysis (making targets feel like they’re about to sneeze), Allergen Hands (as Flaming Hands*, but only harms those with allergies, also stunning them for 1 round), Apple Missile (as Magic Missile*, otherwise as Allergen hands), Ropework* (using plant vines)

2nd Level (d3): Wood Wyrding, Charm Person* (to get targets to eat apples!), Ray of Enfeeblement* (only works on those with allergies)

3rd Level (d3): Curse (bestows an allergy), Apple Orchard Walk (as Forest Walk*, but only works with apple trees), Appleball (as Fireball*, but only harms those with allergies, also stunning them for 1d2 rounds)

4th Level^ (d4): Affliction of the Gods (via allergic reaction), Desecrate, Breathe Life* (allergens, hives, and mucus only), Orchardist’s Bond (as Bottomfeeder Bond*, but works with those who enjoy apples- whether they’re allergic to them or not!)

^25% (additional) chance of spell failure

Avatar of Johnny Applewheeze
Align: C
MV: 40’
AC: 5
HD: 10
Atk: 1 scythe
Dmg: 3d6
SP: Applewheeze druid spells/abilities (caster level 9), immune to allergies
Magic Resistance: 10%
SV: F10
Mor: 7

Though Johnny Applewheeze Avatars appear ill-seeming, they are actually quite hale, happily causing itching, burning, and wheezing to occur in others instead. At times, they will be subtle, placing allergens in the meals and under the pillows of the unlucky. And since they can determine what one is allergic to with 75% accuracy (like his druids can), it is often a very unpleasant result. Other times they are more direct, simply smearing the allergens all over their victims’ faces or even hacking them into compost with their scythes in order to plant another apple tree.

DCC RPG stats:
Init: +6; Atk scythe +12 (3d6+3); AC 14; HD 10d10; MV 30’; Act 2d20; SP Johnny Applewheeze druid spells/abilities (+9 spell check), immune to any allergic effects; SV Fort +15, Ref +10, Will +10; AL C

Johnny Applewheeze encounters
Roll 1d6
1. The party happens upon a random allergen (see Part I for the list). Its size fills either (roll 1d3): [1] a large, 1d6 x10’ diameter area, [2] a moderate, 1d12” pile, [3] a tiny amount found in an unlucky party member’s meal or garment. There’s also a 66% chance of a druid of Johnny Applewheeze being nearby, waiting to enjoy the result.

2. Apples aren’t always evil. The party encounters a local group who follows a different apple-associated divinity that is having trouble with Applewheeze druids spreading disease and encroaching upon their portfolio (roll 1d4): [1] Idunn: a Neutral Norse goddess, [2] Eris: a Chaotic Greek goddess, [3] Avalon: a Neutral Celtic spirit of place, [4] Pomona: a Lawful Roman goddess. Will the party assist them?

3. The area opens up to reveal a seemingly bucolic cornucopia of food and comfort. There is a 50% chance of it actually being so, in which case this little Garden of Eden will be watched over by 2d4 Animate Theocratic Vegetables (see Part II for stats). If not, then it is in fact a domain of Johnny Applewheeze and everything there will make visitors burn, itch, and wheeze.

4. A golden apple is stumbled upon. Obviously magical, it will do one of the following up to one time when used, causing (roll 1d4): [1] those it is tossed between to fight for at least 1d3 rounds, [2] someone it is dropped in front of to have to stop and spend 1 round picking it up, [3] those who bite into it to fall asleep, [4] a 1% chance of granting immortality to one who eats it, otherwise causing a fatal appleodema!

5. Strangely, a group of 3d4 people are dunking their heads in a tub of water in order to retrieve apples. There is a 25% chance of each one having a reaction, since one of their number is actually a druid of Johnny Applewheeze! Does the party save them from such madness?

6. Past disturbing carvings of congested and itchy victims, Johnny Applewheeze is paid homage to. Those who dare to venture within will discover 1d3+1 of his druids along with 1d3-1 shamans, 1d2-1 mystics, 1d12 pounds of every type of allergen imaginable, 1d4 captured Animate Theocratic Vegetables, and 2d4 allergy-ridden sacrifices. There’s even a 25% chance of a Johnny Applewheeze Avatar being present. In addition, his followers all have a base 25% chance of experiencing his divine tests #9-14, making them even more formidable, if not apple-red and sickly.

Next week: we explore the semi-deified nature spirit of America: Columbia!
Also, the draft DCC version of Volume III is finished and should be sent out for approval soon...