Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Clerics of Perun, Part I

Lawful Slavic God of Thunder

Tenets of Perun
* Seek out evil and chaos
* Smash it when you find it!
* Follow Rod's cosmic order
* Respect oaths, prisoners
* Enjoy the wild places too

Clerics of Perun
Special: Perun is served by clerics and volkhvs (Slavic oracular priests).
Allowed Weapons: Axe, mace, sling, sword, bow
Allowed Armor: Studded leather or lighter
Symbol: Axe, Thunderbolts, Golden Apples, Oak
Can Turn: Chaotic, dark, serpentine, and/or watery beings
Perun Mysteries: Clerics of Perun can reroll a failed save when fighting a chaotic, dark, serpentine, and/ or watery being, though they must abide by the second result. They may do so up to thrice per day per level.

Next week: Clerics of Perun, Part II!