Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Upcoming Volume II Revision

An updated version of Volume II will be released sometime in the next few weeks for both Labyrinth Lord and DCC RPG (the latter pending approval). Those of you who already have a pdf version will be able to of course upload the newest version from Drivethru for free. For those who don't, have no fear: I'll offer it for a reduced price for 24 hours to fans of this website upon its release. Stay tuned for the announcement and that special deal.

So what's different? Apart from fixing a few typos and clearing up some wording, the major change is turning Healing Side-Effects into Magical Side-Effects. Just like with Volume I last year, I modified the side-effects so they can apply to all spells, though depending on the roll made, each time the side-effects may not apply. This helps to keep each spell interesting and exciting to cast, even if the result is no side-effect. They are also constructed to maintain the general Roman focus on proper ritual and the general Celtic focus on natural place.

Otherwise, some tests and spell lists have been updated, along with more magical side-effect options for priests, mystics, shamans, and  witches. Last, some quick rules will be available for generating avatars!

Next week: we begin our series on Slavic divinities, starting with Perun!