Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Priestesses of Mokosh, Part III

Mother Mokosh gives freely, but sometimes asks more in return.

Divine Tests
1-4. So much to do, such little time! The priestess incurs a -1d4 penalty to any rolls she makes for the rest of the day unless they involve weaving or other matronly arts.

5-9. When will all the chores be done? The priestess loses access to some of her spells (50% chance for each one), including possibly her turn ability. Roll 1d6 for each one lost to see what needs to be done in order to get it back. taking. Each takes 1d4 hours, half that time if the priestess makes a successful Wisdom check.
[1] Weave- the resulting embroidery can then be sold for at least 2d6 gold pieces per hour worked.
[2] Care for children- party members can be substituted if no actual youngsters are present.
[3] Cook a meal- which can then feed 2d4 people.
[4] Clean the immediate 120' area, automatically revealing an hidden objects therein.
[5] Enjoy the company of her husband. If he's not available, then she can dream about him during that time.
[6] Fold and sort household items- even those held by the party if need be. 

10-14. Fitting for a mother, Mokosh's priestess begins to take on more of her goddess's divine shape. Roll 1d6.
[1] Her body becomes quite rubenesque and curvaceous, granting her +1 Charisma to those who rightly appreciate such things, along with a +1 Constitution bonus regardless.
[2] Whenever one of her children is harmed or suffering, she herself too suffers a -1 to all her rolls until the next sunrise.
[3] Living beings rarely wish to harm her now, granting her a +4 AC and/or save bonus in such situations.
[4] She must do household or other motherly duties for at least 2d3 turns each day or take a -2 to all her spell rolls due to the sense of not knowing what to do with her hands.
[5] Her bosom increases massively in size, granting a +2 to all healing-related rolls and a +1 Charisma with men, but also a -5' speed penalty.
[6] Unless already so, she becomes pregnant. In any case, the term, delivery, and raising of her child will be quite easy and blessed. 

15-17.  Not all matronly duties are easy. Roll 1d3:
[1] At the next meal the priestess has, things go terrible wrong. 50% of hers and anyone else who is present's supplies are lost due to breakage and displacement; 25% if she prepared the meal herself. A mischievous fairy is the likely culprit. 
[2] One of the priestesses offspring needs additional attention (if she doesn't have any yet, then a young relative), requiring her to be apart from her usual duties for 4d6 hours; 2d6 hours if she has been paying close attention to her children already.
[3] The priestess's husband goes missing. If he doesn't turn up in 1d3 days (a base 50% chance), then he has perished. The priestess will then turn to following Baba Yaga (detailed in a few weeks), using that goddess's magical side-effects and divine tests 50% of the time instead. If he does turn up during that time without a good excuse, then he may wish he hadn't.

18+ To Perun or Veles? The forces of above and below struggle to claim Mokosh's vital waters. Any followers of those or similar divinities that the priestess encounters will have their offensive abilities doubled and attack the opposing types on sight, making sure the priestess is unharmed. The situation lasts for 3 days, plus 3 additional days per divine test result over 18. The attacks and counterattacks even have a base 20% of causing an outbreak of war in the local area for each day such hostilities occur.

DCC RPG Conversion Notes
Wisdom check = make a Personality check DC 15
Charisma = Personality
Constitution = Stamina

Next week: priestesses of Mokosh, part IV!