Wednesday, February 5, 2020

Clerics of Dazbog, Part V

Dazbog Encounters
Illuming light and dark, fire and water, Dazbog brings all the luck that's due. 

Roll 1d12
1. Here, the edges begin to show more, brightness contrasting shadow intensely. All within 240' are fascinated for 1d4 turn's time. A save vs. spell negates, though followers of Dazbog gain a +4 bonus to this roll.

2. Does Dazbog grant luck? Determine a random party member and roll any die: evens = yes; odds = no. If yes, then he or she gains a +5 bonus to all rolls until the next day. If no, then the opposite is the case. 

3. The upperworld shines bright. All within 1/4 mile are blessed with Dazbog's light, though they must save vs. death or take 1d3 fire damage and be blinded for 1 turn. Followers of Dazbog and other bright divinities are immune.

4. And the underworld darkens deep. All within 1/4 mile are blessed with Dazbog's darkness, though they must save vs. death or take 1d3 frost damage and flee in fear for 1 turn. Followers of Dazbog and other dark divinities are immune to this, as well. 

5. If currently night, the sun rises, making it day. If currently day, then the sun sets, making it night. Apart from the obvious great disturbances of such events, the results of either #3 or #4 above will also occur, with things setting right the next day, even if the common folk remain greatly unnerved. 

6. 2d3 Slavs dwell here, half being of a bright personality; the others, dark. All follow Dazbog, but that may be where their similarities end (a base 50% chance). If so, then they will be at odds. 

7. A four-faced statue stands at a crossroads. Sacred to Svetovid, the West Slavic version of Dazbog, going in the correct direction from there will bring good fortune. Those who do (a 1 in 4 chance), will gain a +1 bonus to all rolls until they veer from their path. Otherwise, only a volkhv of Dazbog can determine which is right for each person. 

8. Shimmering, the party spots a golden chariot in the distance. Investigation will show that a follower of Dazbog is driving it forth (see result #12 below). And though he will be able to fly and gain other bonuses with it, he will also be greatly exhausted afterwards when his divinity needs it back (per Divine Test results #15-17). 

9. From the dark lurks a strange, wolfish man. Is he a follower of Dazbog (per #12 below) or someone else altogether? Roll 1d5: [1-3] follower of Dazbog, [4] follower of Veles, [5] follower of Cherno-Dazbog, Dazbog's evil equivalent!

10. One faithful in Dazbog is sent from the local temple to petition the party. He asks them to (roll 1d4): 
[1] investigate some followers of Veles, [2] recover a weapon left behind by Perun clerics, [3] grant a boon to a priestess of Mokosh, [4] root out a group of Chernobog cultists. The party's actions will then decide who is fortunate or not. 

11. Rains erupt from the skies, drenching all within one mile who do not have sufficient cover, or luck (per Referee).

12. Here is one who embodies both light and dark. A follower of Dazbog, he is actually (roll 1d12): [1-3] one just very faithful in and/or blessed by him, [4-7] a cleric of Dazbog, [8-9] a volkhv of Dazbog, [10-11] a monk of Dazbog, [12] an avatar of Dazbog.

DCC RPG Conversion Notes
Save vs. spell= make a Will save DC 15.
Save vs. death= make a Will save DC 10.
Luck (per Referee)= make a Luck check DC 10 

Next week: kolduns of Baba Yaga!