Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Warlocks of Chernobog, Part V

Chernobog Encounters
Through dark lands they dwell, knowing that most things that end, don't end well. 

Roll 1d12
1. A certain individual is rumored to be prone to handwashing, avoiding coming too close to others, and other bizarre behavior. This ne'er-do-well even wears a mask at times. Obviously, they are some fell cultist of Chernobog (a base 50% chance- see #12 below). Otherwise, they know where one is and are trying to avoid his corruption.

2. The area grows dark, preternaturally so. In fact, things get so inky black that it behaves like an Oh, Charring Pitch spell cast by a 1d6+4th level warlock. Note that, depending on the size of the area of effect, it may also be unpleasantly hard to find one's way out (a base 5% per 5' of area of effect). Those who fail will continue to stumble about as they writhe in dark agony.

3. The area here has been devastated. All structures, plants, animals, and even folk lie shattered and broken in an almost sadistic manner. There's a base 50% chance of one faithful to Cherno-Perun showing up within 1d20 rounds (per #12 below), admiring his fell lord's handiwork, even if there's a 100% chance of that doom-corruption's divinity being to blame.

4. Sobbing is heard up ahead. 1d6 Slavs stand about, consuming hard spirits, crying, and grasping at their chests. Likely the work of Cherno-Lada (a base 75% chance, otherwise it's Unharmonia, q.v.), each may still foolishly wish to rejoin with their lost paramours (a base 66% chance ) and honor the heartless warlock bitch who made it happen. 

5. Without knowing (though a WIS check negates), a random, unlucky party member is the victim of a foul joke (roll 1d4): [1] pickpocketed, [2] mount or other means of transport sabotaged, [3] given a fee to pay that they didn't actually incur, [4] insulting sign hung on their back. Once they realize what happened and investigate, it is shown that a debased disciple of Cherno-Veles has done it and for no other reason than just to do ill to others!

6. Wrong events have occurred here (reroll on this table if unsure what they are), giving rise to a 'Big Mother'. This new ruler has taken all under her very particular and nagging wing, preventing folk from going out-of-doors, whether they wish to or not. Such (s)mothering is of course the work of Cherno-Mokosh, though Big Mother may not be fully aware of it (only a base 40% chance). 

7. With maddening screams, the party comes upon a place so affected by Cherno-Dazbog. All here believe they are something else, taking what would be natural shifts to disheveling extremes. Roll 1d6 for each of the 2d4 individuals who are present to what they take themselves to be: [1] a chicken, [2] the opposing gender, [3] a dog, [4] the rightful ruler of the land, [5] a random Slavic divinity, [6] dancing nurses and physicians. Reroll every 1d6 minutes that the party chooses to remain, just in case they start to believe that the mad folk are who they insist they are.

8. You think you're coming down with something? Plague is rampant here, infecting 11 in 12 of those exposed and yet only 1 in 12 develop to a serious state within 12+1 days (when they must then save vs. death or die within 1d4 days afterwards). Still, such a state is enough to lead the people into a downward spiral of isolation, poverty, gloating dance, and fear. What better way to show that Cherno-Baba Yaga is at work?

9. Here lies ruins: rubble, dried blood, horrid scratchings upon the walls, and discarded masks. A victim of at least one of Chernobog's many black ways, investigation will show that this was once a thriving (roll 1d6): [1] temple, [2] merchant's shop, [3] schoolhouse, [4] tavern, [5] barbershop, [6] sporting arena. It's all now gone, with just a strange well left with signs reminding one to wash their hands and stay far apart.

10. A certain individual is rumored to be prone to licking doorknobs, coughing on everyone they encounter, and hoarding  chamber pot rags. Quite disheveled and smoke-ridden, they are certainly some fell cultist of Chernobog (a base 99% chance). Otherwise, they are simply insane. 

11. Something terrifying and black-hided hunts this area. A massive bovine monster sacred to Chernobog, it exhales a strange, radiant, balefire darkness, and is known as Cherno-bull! Treat as a quadrupedal minotaur that can use the equivalent of an Oh, Charring Pitch spell as a 60' cone breath weapon up to thrice per day. The caster level of the effect can equal its HD. Those who face it must also save vs. death or die of radiant poisoning 1d3 days later.

12. Here is one who embodies the dark. A disciple of Chernobog, he's (roll 1d12): [1-3] one just very devoted to miscreancy, [4-9] a low-level warlock of Chernobog (1d6th), [10-11] a higher-level warlock of Chernobog (1d6+6th), [12] an avatar of Chernobog! What is more, he has a base 66% chance of engaging in an interpretive dance once his evil is done, celebrating his fell lord's doom on the rise.

DCC RPG Conversion Notes
Wisdom check= make a Luck check DC 15.
Save vs. death= make a Will save DC 10.

Next week: we start our series on the Finnish Pantheon, beginning with Vainamoinen!