Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Clerics of Ilmarinen, Part I

Lawful Finnish God of Smithing

Tenets of Ilmarinen
* Forge great wonders of metal
* Make sure they are goodly though
* Persevere, even in love

Clerics of Ilmarinen
Special: Ilmarinen is served by clerics and tietaja (Finnish shamanic wizards).
Allowed Weapons: Hammer
Allowed Armor: Leather or lighter
Symbols: Hammer, Anvil, Sampo (as a mill)
Can Turn: None
Mysteries of Ilmarinen: Being skilled smiths, clerics of Ilmarinen can craft wondrous metallic items. All they need is a day of work, a forge, and 1d6 gold pieces worth of precious metals. They can then create items worth up to 2d6 gold pieces per level. For example, a 2nd level cleric of Ilmarinen working for 2 days could craft a metal item or items worth a total of 4d6 x 2 gold pieces if he had at least 2d6 gold pieces worth of gold, silver, copper, or the like.

Once made, these wonders will also have an alignment, determined upon creation (roll 1d3): 
[1] Lawful, [2] Neutral, or [3] Chaotic, allowing them to only effectively be used by individuals of that type. And since Ilmarinen clerics are dutifully Lawful, they will always destroy any Chaotic ones they make. They may or may not destroy the Neutral ones too (a base 50% chance). Those destroyed will be reforged, and their precious metals used again. Those that remain can be sold, given away, or used to power their spells (see next week).

Next week: Clerics of Ilmarinen, Part II!