Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Noitas of Louhi, Part V


Louhi Encounters
Within the dark lands of Pohjola, many dangers lurk. Though such incidents are covered in Lemminkainen's and other Finnish divinities' encounters, the following three tables can be used to generate a great variety of such fell folk & beast. Thus, beware of hideous, arrogant, maniacal Pohjolan hounds that are immune to injury (but must stop to eat any food provided) and taunting old women who are flaming, poisonous, good at dueling, and very large!

Nature/ Personality (d12) - roll 1d4 times
1. Taunting
2. Inhospitable
3. Noisy
4. Aggressive
5. Blood-licking
6. Hideous
7. Vicious
8. Maniacal
9. Arrogant
10. Cruel
11. Scheming
12. Particularly hostile to Finns (or the like)
Type (d12) - roll once
1. Maiden
2. Babe
3. Old Woman
4. Swordsman
5. Host (male or female)
6. Hound
7. Wolf
8. Bear
9. Reptile (lizard or serpent)
10. Elk
11. Fearsome Bird
12. Horse
Abilities (d10) - roll 1d4 times
1. Charming: those who see them must save vs. death or be able to resist them
2. Prevents rest: those within their presence must save vs. spell or be unable to sleep or otherwise recover
3. Good at dueling: +3 to hit and AC is 3 better when in melee
4. Immune to injury, but must stop to eat any food provided
5. Poisonous: those bitten must save vs. poison or fall unconscious for 3d6 rounds
6. Very large: +4 HD (25% chance of having 100 eyes too)
7. Flaming: those who come within 3' take 2d6 fire damage per round
8. Uncatchable: those attempting to hold them must save vs. death or be unable to
9. Scary-faced: those who first see them must save vs. death or suffer a -2 to all rolls for the next 3d6 rounds
10. Noita abilities: level 1d8, 85% chance of also being a follower of Louhi
DCC Conversion Notes
Save vs. death= make a Will save DC 10
Save vs, spell= make a Will save DC 15
Save vs. poison= make a Fortitude save DC 15
Next week: we begin a new series, Men and Monsters for Divinities and Cults, beginning with the minotaur!