Wednesday, April 27, 2022

Swynwraigs of Ceridwen, Part II

Ceridwen's Magical Side-Effects
Those who call upon Ceridwen's magic may access it with her as Mother, Transforming, Wise, or all three. Roll 1d12 and consult the following table. If a requirement is then called for, roll based on one of her aspects below.

1. Gofyniad: Something is needed for the spell to work. Once given, it will.

2-3. Cymwynasgar: If something isn't provided, then the magic will only occur at 50% its usual strength. 

4. Yn Araf: The spell will happen, but if the swynwraig doesn't perform a requirement, its effects will only transpire 2d3 turns later.

5. Teyrnas Ceridwen: All within 1d6 x 10' gain a +1d3 bonus to certain rolls for the next 2d6 rounds, depending on which one of Ceridwen's aspects is manifest: mothering, transforming, or being wise. 

6-8. Awen Arwydd: Except for a possible, minor occurrence representing wisdom, mothering, or change (a 50% chance), the spell works as usual this time. 

9. Mad: The spell needs a requirement and will also have a 50% bonus to its effect, range, or duration. If not given, nothing will occur.

10. GwellThe magic's effect, range, or duration can be boosted by 50% by adding a requirement. If that doesn't happen, then it simply works normally. In addition, if the swynwraig does adds a requirement, then she can gain a +2d3 for the next 1d6 rounds to certain rolls based on which aspect of Ceridwen most resonates with her: mother, transforming, or wise.

11-12. CrochanThe spell occurs for an additional 50% bonus (or 100% if a 12 was rolled) to its usual effect, range, or duration, as well as it not being expended that day. What is more, if the swynwraig has a cauldron prepared and nearby, then one of those spell elements may be tripled.

Requirements by Aspect
Roll either based on which facet of Ceridwen the caster most resonates with or simply pick one at random.

Ceridwen the Transforming (d4)
The spell must involve...
1. Greyhound & Hare: moving quickly, the chase, or fleeing.
2. Otter & Fish: desire or going below.
3. Hawk & Bird: transcendence or victory.
4. Birth & Grain: transmutation or mercy.

Ceridwen the Mother (d4)
The caster must be located near or in view of...
1. Tegid Foel: a husband, a lake, or a large man.
2. Morfran Afaggdu: a son, ugliness, or darkness.
3. Creirwy: a daughter, beauty, or the moon.
4. Taliesin: a son, handsomeness, or the sun.

Ceridwen the Wise (d4)
The caster must...
1. Drink a potion or give the spell's recipient a potion to drink.
2. Be bent or crooked.
3. Wear white or be elderly.
4. Say a poem or sing a song.

For example, a swynwraig of Ceridwen casts a spell and her player rolls a 4 (Yn Araf). Thus, if she doesn't perform a requirement, the spell's effects occur 2d3 turns later. With time being of the essence, her player rolls for a requirement. Resonating most with Ceridwen the Mother, she rolls on that table and gets a 3 (Creirwy). Therefore the swynwraig must be near or see a daughter, beauty, or the moon in order for that requirement to be met.

For the full article, including magical side-effects by cleric type, see here.

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