Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Swynwraigs of Ceridwen, Part I

Welsh Goddess of Wisdom, Transformation, & Rebirth

Tenets of Ceridwen
* Espouse wisdom & inspiration
* Guard your children
* Change as needed...

* be reborn again

Swynwraigs of Ceridwen
Special: Ceridwen is served by swynwraigs (Welsh sorceresses), druidesses, gweledydds (Welsh seers), & gwiddons (Welsh witches). In addition, she can be followed in one of a number of ways, granting different abilities based on  her various aspects (see below). Which one applies to a follower can either be selected and remain set, can be determined at random as the situation warrants, or can even change over time. 
Allowed Weapons: Staff, dagger, club
Allowed Armor: None
Symbols: Cauldron, Branch, White 
Can Turn(by aspect)
   Ceridwen the Transforming: any who resist change (if not known, 75% chance if Lawful, 50% chance if Neutral, 25% chance if Chaotic).
   Ceridwen the Mother: any who might endanger the swynwraig's children.
   Ceridwen the Wise: the unwise (if not known, 
any with a Wisdom score below a certain number- roll 3d6 to determine what it is each time turning is attempted).

Mysteries of Ceridwen: Up to once per day per level, spellcasters who follow Ceridwen can reroll one of their saves or spell rolls when:
   Ceridwen the Transforming: experiencing transformation.
Ceridwen the Mother: protecting their children.
   Ceridwen the Wisedealing with wisdom.

For example, a swynwraig of Ceridwen might turn as Cerdiwen the Mother, then access mysteries as Ceridwen the Transforming in a particular instance, or all the time, or turn and access mysteries as Ceridwen the Mother only, etc.

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Next week: Swynwraigs of Ceridwen, Part II!