Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Clerics of Hretha, Part I

Anglo-Saxon Goddess of Victory

Tenets of Hretha
* Make ready for battle
* Defend your folk
* Be like the tempest, howling glory
* Laying one's enemies low 

Followers of Hretha
Special: Hretha is served by clerics and shield-maidens.
Allowed Weapons: Sword, spear, seax, lance
Allowed Armor: Chainmail & shield or lighter
Symbols: Wælcyrgie, Weapons, Wind
Can Turn: Those who they charge and fail morale
Mysteries of Hretha: Followers of Hretha can grant themselves or another an extra melee attack against a foe that they've just hit. They may do so up to once per day per level.

Folk Variations
Followers of similar goddesses can be created by modifying Hretha's rules.

Bellona (Roman): Her clerics seek victory in the name of the state, but are no less prone to wild slaughter. Allowed arms and armor should be Roman, and a number of her requirements can be changed to reflect both Roman duty and blood.

Hrouda (Germanic): Basic and primal, her seeresses see her as more as the embodiment of the mare and the wind. As a result, she can substitute some of the Germanic Magical Side-Effects shown in Volume II. She can also grant her followers access to horse totem abilities (link) instead.

Sigyn (Norse): Supporting her husband Loki, use the rules for Hretha, but her priestesses abilities instead focus on helping those who fail and/or are suffering. It is thus that they can achieve victory, even though they eschew arms, armor, and even violence.

Next week: clerics of Hretha, Part II!