Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Totems: Horse, Part I

Ways of the Horse
* Move quickly, traveling far 
* Be unbound, though still enduring

 Eschew non-horse things, especially non-horse magic!

Followers of Horse Totems
Special: The horse is honored by fleet shamans and barbarians, as well as other classes too. 
Associated Divinities & Cults: Zeus (via Pegasus), Poseidon (via Hippocampus, Arion, and others), Mars (via Equus October), Epona, Hengist and Horsa, Odin (via Sleipnir), Raidho rune, Ehwaz rune, Freyr, Jarilo, Dazbog (via his chariot). See also Centaurs (link).
Allowed Weapons (pick 4 from): Club, sword, bow, spear, lance, axe, dagger
Allowed Armor: Horse hide and shield or lighter
Spirit of the Horse: Those who follow the horse totem will gain a random special ability for every odd level they have. See the wolf totem (link) for specifics, as well as rolling for totemic side-effects (see Part II) and even totem tests at times (see Part III.

Horse Abilities (roll 1d8)
1. Equine Aspect: Gain either a horse's speed in open areas (+20'), scent and hearing (+6 to rolls made to detect), carrying capacity (x3), or endurance (x3). At 5th level, two can be used at once, or one can be used with double its usual potency. At 9th level, all four can be used at once, or two can be used with double potency.
2. Fleet-footed
Gain +1d3 x 5' speed. Can also make a Dexterity check (DC 15) with a +1d3 bonus per odd level to continue their move even after making an attack too.
3. Graze: Can live well on just raw grass and water for up to 1d3+3 weeks per odd level at a time, not needing any other nourishment, and be immune to natural elements. Having plenty of land to roam would be a boon too.
 Horse-skin: Assume the form of a riding horse (HD 2), becoming one in all ways but cognition for up to 1d3 rounds per level per day. The transformation takes 1d3 rounds, but doesn't count towards the duration limit. At 5th level, they can assume the form of a warhorse (HD 3) instead, and at 9th level, a unicorn or nightmare (both HD 6).
5. Rider: Can improve either their mount's speed in open areas by +1d3 x 5', hit points by +2d6, AC by +1d4, or attack and damage by +1d3. Each effect lasts for 2d4 rounds and is usable twice per level per day. 
6. Sense Danger
: Can detect when something that could harm the totemist is nearby or approaching within 1d20 x 10', gaining a +2d3 bonus per odd level to rolls made to sense such things.
7. Spirit Horse: Can either project one's spirit as an ethereal horse or can call upon an ethereal horse ally to scout the area. Which one may be chosen at the beginning of each day, usable for up to 1d3 rounds per level per day. If projecting one's spirit, it takes 1d3 rounds to begin, but doesn't count towards the duration limit, as the body remains behind comatose.
8. Other TotemGain a random ability from another totem, reflecting the specific type of horse totem they have or even a similar animal. For example, a stag totem could draw from both the speed and danger sense of the horse and the gore and virility of the bull.

Next week: Totems: Horse , Part II!