Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Priestesses of Freo, Part II

Magical Side-Effects of Freo
Such love in giving, for giving is love. Roll 1d12.

1. Friend Ways: Bestowed from the heart is always enough. The spell simply need be done with affectionate consideration for it to function.

2. Beauty Said or Shown: Whether a stirring poem or heartening sight will work, likely requiring a CHA check (DC15). If not, then the magic will be at 50% its normal magnitude.

3. Wode-Wife: The time for holy union should always be now, as with Frige and Woden. Without a husband (or one of great potential at least) in her life though, then the priestess's magic only happens 1d6 turns later, as it seeks for union too.

4. Freo Love: Such support flows, granting all within 120' a 50% chance of gaining a +4 bonus to all loving-made rolls. The effect lasts 3d4 rounds.

5-8. Sign of the LadyThe spell works normally for now, except for a 33% chance of some symbol or display of fondness showing too.

9. Hyllan TidingsAnglo-Saxon nymphs increase the spell for a 50% bonus to its effect, range, or duration, but if the priestess hasn’t been loving or hidden in some way (like them) sometime within the last 2d4 hours, then she will experience a -4 penalty to all rolls for the same amount of time.

10. Home-Mother: Though she might bear a shield when needed, the priestess's place should be with her home and family. If such is the case (and place), then the magic's effect, range, or duration is increased 50%.

11. Bond Held: As long as the spell would help her kinsfolk (or other close Anglo-Saxons at least), the priestess can have its effect, range, or duration improved x2. 

12. Lady Beloved: If in the presence of her husband (or one with great potential), then the magic's effect, range, or duration can be doubled and the spell isn't expended so that it can be used again that day. What is more, if the priestess has shown great love within the last 1d3 hours, then one of those aspects may be tripled.

The Nine Herbs
Which will be used by the priestess or witch? Roll a d9 nine times whenever a follower of Freo or similar Anglo-Saxon divinity applies their magic. Repeated rolls indicate that less types of herbs will be needed.

2. Plantain 
3. Stune Lamb's Cress
4. Nettle
5. AttorlaĆ°e
6. Mayweed
7. Crab-apple
8. Thyme
9. Fennel

Next week: priestesses of Freo, part III!