Wednesday, April 19, 2023

Artemis Encounters, Part II

Temples of Artemis

Sacred Space (d20)
Reflecting Greek harmony with nature, such places are often replete with (roll 1d10):
1. Animals
2. Expectant mothers
3. Children
4-9. Wilderness
10. Hunting
11. Elements of the moon
12. Revenge
13-16. Another aspect of Artemis (see Part I)
17-20. Reroll twice

Style (d4)
1. Ionian: smooth, natural, 75% chance of being somewhat painted
2. Dorian: practical, natural, 25% chance of being somewhat painted
3. Corinthian: exotic, natural, 75% chance of being somewhat painted
4. Aeolian: primitive, natural, 5% chance of being somewhat painted

Form (d6)
1-2. Shrine
3-6. Rectangular

Number of Columns: 2d6 at ends of temple, or outside if a shrine

Temple's Access is Forbidden to (d6)
1. Men
2. Foreigners
3. Non-virgins
4. Defilers
5. Those who have wronged Artemis in some other way
6. Reroll twice

Random Temple Encounters
(See Volume I)

Temple Guardians (d4, roll multiple times for larger temples)
Apart from any of her armed clergy, others can be called upon to protect such places:

1. Peltasts: These lightly armed hit-and-run fighters can make a Dexterity check with a +1 bonus per level to avoid a resulting melee attack when fighting in this manner. If successful, they then end up 1d3 x 5' away from the attacker at the end of the attacker's turn (if possible). They are otherwise HD 1-1, cause 1d6 damage per hit, and are AC 8; that is, if melee attackers can catch them! See more details here.

2. Toxotes (Greek archers): HD 1 and cause 1d6 damage per hit. They will be lightly armored though, more like hunters, using any cover around the temple so their AC will be from 6 to 8, preferring ambush.

3. Amazons: Per Volume I, they can also gain a +1 Strength along with +2 to ranged rolls to hit since one of their breasts may be  removed.. In return, they suffer a -2 to all rolls made when attempting to harm other women, and even lose their strength bonus when in the service of men. See additional details here.

4. Artemis Scouts: Invincible young maidens in uniform. Some might wear bear symbols too. See Volume I for details.

General: The temple grounds are replete with wilderness. 
Those who specifically follow Artemis can reroll their magic side-effects 
up to once per day while anywhere within the temple grounds, but must take the second result.

1. Bridge: A sturdy wooden bridge spans a gently flowing river, roughly 30' across. Drawings of various colors mark it, showing mainly pictures of bears.

2. Ruins: What look to have once been wooden dormitories for coming of age initiatory rites, they now are broken and deserted. Markings similar to the bridge adorn many of the walls too.

3. Sacred Pool: The waters look cool and inviting. Any virgins who soak within for at least 1d6 turns will be healed of 2d6 damage up to once per day. Non-virgins who do so instead have a 20% chance of incurring a divine test.

4. Temple of Artemis
* Doric architecture, it reflects the functional and natural appeal of thgrounds.
* 80' long by 20' wide, peripteral (single row of columns around it)
* Tetrastyle (row of 4 columns across front end and back)
* Access is forbidden to non-virgins.
Certain spellcasters can gain special bonuses when casting their spells here, depending on which area they're located:
     Peristasis (columns around the temple): All Greek cleric-types 
can reroll their magical side-effects up to once per day, but must take the second result.
     Cella (the temple's main sanctum): Those who specifically follow Artemis 
can reroll their magic side-effects, gaining a +1d3 bonus to the roll, even picking which ones they wish to use, up to 3 times per day. Greek cleric-types who don't specifically follow Artemis can gain the same benefits as at the Peristasis above. In all cases, the chances of triggering divine tests are also doubled at this place since a 7' tall statue of Artemis is watching.

Braura and/or Sileope (from Part I) will be present during daytime hours. If asked, they will describe how a band of fell stagmen attacked the temple grounds weeks ago, caring off a number of their older initiates (see Part III).

5. Tunnel Cave
: Once used in sacred rites for birth and rebirth, the area hasn't been used for a time, though its potency remains. It spans roughly 100' with a height of 4 + 1d4'. Those passing through who align with virgin, telluric, and/or primal energies will gain a +1d3 bonus to all rolls for the next 1d3 hours. Those who align with the lustful and/or unnatural will suffer the reverse. All others will be unaffected.

6. Courtyard: This open area has cracked cobblestones, showing strange hoofprints and dried splatters of blood. Colored drawings, similar to those at Locations 1 & 2 are here as well, though it appears like some have been partially erased. Any who show particular hostility to the ways of Artemis or the sanctity of the grounds will be met with 1d3 Artemis Scouts.

Next week: quests of Artemis with Part III!