Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Pan Encounters, Part III

Quests of Pan
When it comes to Pan's contests, it can be unclear who is the winner. Roll 1d12.

1-2. Be wild, naturally! All encountered in this area seem to be taking on the element of a wild animal, needing to save vs. death/ make a Will save DC 10 to not act fully bestial. Followers of Pan can of course ignore this effect, but why would they want to?

3-4. Enjoy making love, it truly sets you free: The next pair to lie together will gain a blessing of Pan for the next 2d6 hours, enjoying a +1d3 bonus to all rolls as long as they abide by his tenets, which might include even more lovemaking.

5-6. Respect wild places, keep despoilers out of them! A group of orcs have come to a sacred wild place, intent on chopping down the trees, slaying the beasts, and defiling any of the faithful. Worse still, they have somehow captured a dryad and subjected her to their revolting ways; that is, until someone teaches them a fatal lesson.

7-8. Treat animals well too: With lowered horns and scraping hooves, a large bull is spotted nearby. That it is sacred to Pan might be apparent, that it hold's that god's lusts too might not. After it charges and isolates a very unlucky (and preferably female) party member though, it might become all too apparent.

9. Pastoralism: 1d4 shepherds walk by with their flock, egging them on with surprisingly vulgar language. There's a 25% chance of each being female and a 100% chance of each being venereous. All are devout in Pan's ways and assume the party is as well.

10. Aegipan, Goat totem: A lucky party member sprouts goat horns, gaining a natural attack for 1d4 damage. Those who don't follow Pan might confuse him for a demon though, especially since he becomes generally ithyphallic, lecherous, and prone to micturation  too. The situation lasts for the next 1d6 hours- if the party member makes it that long.

11. The Phallus: Rumors abound of an especially well-endowed fellow. And though women from all distances seek him, further delving will show he has trouble moving quickly and avoiding detection as well as called shots. His only remedy might be to dwell in some ruins with its many ledges for resting and supportive followers of Pan.

12. The Syrinx: A captivating female is spotted (Charisma 18+), likely a nymph, the one who catches her will not only enjoy her affections, but gain the use of a potent wind instrument.

The Wild Caves
Ruins beckon to uncover that what was once whole, and yet still somehow endures. Those who wish to enter into such places might find great pleasures, but some pain as well, all in the name of the wilderness of Pan. Such is reflective of that god's carnal delights.

Map by
Each square = 5'.
Torches set roughly every 10' illume the place.

Location 1
Strangely warm, inviting waters rest 1d3' deep. Those continuing further will come to an intersection, but not before a gorgeous, unclad woman emerges. Named Elesalria, she is a naiad and warns the party of dangers ahead with her intoxicating voice. What once this place was, she is quiet on the matter, though marble walls suggest that this might be some forgotten, sunken building. Those wishing to enjoy her attentions may do so, but then will also be bound to retrieve an item found yet deeper (the pipes at Location 7). Those who misbehave (difficult to do with a nymph of Pan, but possible nonetheless), will face the beast at Location 2.

MV 40’; AC 9 (0 vs. those who are attracted to her); HD 3; Atk (none); SP: allure, charm person, animal summoning, plane shift, alter self, breathe water- all as level 7 cleric of Pan; save vs. spell or men who look upon her are blinded or slain, otherwise -4 to all INT rolls; SV: M9; Mor: 9, AL: C, Appearance: blonde hair, voluptuous, medium complexion 

Location 2
The waters take on a more gamey and fishlike aroma. It becomes deeper too: 2d3' in  the center, and marble, lewd bas reliefs adorn the walls. Perhaps once some sort of bath house, it seems now claimed by Pan's wilderness, especially as a goat head emerges, swimming well with a fish tail behind it.

It is a capricornus, some strange mixture of goat and fish. It will attack any who have wronged Elesalria. That it has fish aspects would seem irrational to some (likely evidence of some parallel reality?), though whether influenced by Poseidon or simply Pan's own chaos, it is there for the party to deal with.

MV: 60’/ 100' swim, AC: 4/ 6 rear, HD: 3, Atk: 1, Dmg: 2d4 (gore), SP: can reroll its saves, taking the better one, SV: F5, Mor: 11, AL: C, Appearance: white goat front, green fish back

Location 3
Assisted as ancient steps rise, the party can have a chance to dry off on this higher ground. Still, those who spoke with Elesalria will feel an overwhelming urge to return to speak with her again. They must save vs. spell/ make a Will save DC 15 to resist. Those who fail will find that she is ambivalent to their return, so it may be unclear if she or the place itself is the instigator.

Location 4
Something smells off here. Those who venture inside will detect an aroma similar to Location 2 (if they've been there), though mixed with something feline and serpent. It doesn't seem to be the large pile of bones at the western entrances area. No, further in something dwells, soon revealing itself as a goat- and lion-headed monstrosity with a serpent tail! Quite wild, indeed.

MV: 40’, AC: 4, HD: 6, Atk: 5, Dmg: 1d3 (claw)/ 1d3 (claw)/ 2d4 (gore)/ 2d6 (bite)/ 3d4 (bite), SP: can breathe fire with serpent tail at a 60-ft distance inflicting 3d8 points of damage, SV: F6, Mor: 12, AL: C, Appearance: 
goat and lion heads, lion forequarters, goat rear quarters, serpent tail

Location 5
The sounds of feminine gossip can be heard ahead. Assumptions will be confirmed as 5d3 fetching, nubile women are found, likely local, who were lured into these caves via (roll 1d4 for each): [1] village initiatory rites, [2] satyr song, [3] simple curiosity, [4] one of their friend's did so, so she followed along. They will do little else but flee, playfully, as the satyrs at Location 6 come to chase them via either the wet or dry passage to the north.

Nubile Women
MV: 40’, AC: 9, HD: 1, Atk: none, SP: 14 + 1d4 Charisma each, SV: F1, Mor: 4, AL: N, Appearance: 
fetching, scantily clad (roll on Pan table for appearance specifics)

Location 6
Manly sounds and scents abound with 4d4 satyrs present. They will immediately challenge intruders, demanding their exit, unless of course there are any females to leave with them. 1d3 sileni rest at the (phallic-looking) northern passage, and can be parlayed with in order to prevent a massacre by the satyrs or the party.

MV 45’, AC 7, HD 3, Atk: 1 gore or spear, Dmg: 1d4+2 or 1d6, SP: 33% chance of having pipes that allow them to cast sleep, charm person, or fear, SV: E7 (-4 vs. attractive females), Mor: 9, AL: C

MV 40’, AC 6, HD 4, Atk: 1 club, Dmg: 1d4+2, SP: can calm satyrs, Mor: 11, SV: E10, AL: N

Location 7
Here dwells the lord of this place, a satyr nature priest of Pan, drawing energy from the carnal and wild chases that abound, a masculine pole (ahem) to Elesalria's femininity. Those who make it this far, surviving the temptations of nubile women and violence of satyr men, will have proved their worth, and will be rewarded. Those who attack will instead be banished to a random ruin, see Volume I to generate one.

Cytorissos, Lvl 4 satyr nature priest of Pan, Align: C, MV: 45', AC 6, HD: 4, HP: 28, Atk: 1, Dmg: 1d4+2 (horns), SP: nature priest abilities, has pipes (see satyrs above), can cause those he touches to save vs. death/ make a WIll save DC 10 or be banished to a random ruin (3/day), spells prepared (1st Level: Cure Light Wounds, Remove Fear (reverse), Sanctuary (requires the cleric to play his syrinx), Charm Person*,  Sleep*, 2nd Level: Bless (recipients must be at least partially unclad), Hold Person (borne out of fear!), Scare*, Barkskin (D), SV: C7, Mor: 10, Items: holy symbol, nothing at all. Main Emphasis: Respect wild places, keep despoilers out of them!Appearance: brown hair, medium build, medium complexion.

Next week: our series on divinity encounters continues with Poseidon!