Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Skadi Encounters, Part I

Giant mountains rise, what will her faithful follow most?

Main Emphasis 
1-2. Honor the cold and highlands
3-4. Find freedom through rugged independence
5-6. Hunt & ski: ‘tis the way of life
7-8. Avoid the sea
9. Choosing mates, Having an icy heart
10-11. Setting things right
12. Noble giants, Risir
13. Scandinavia
14-20. All are emphasized
For example, if a cleric of Skadi's focus was avoid the sea, then she could get a +1 bonus to one of his spell rolls when not around the sea (rather than +2 when in a mountainous &/or cold area, since it could be easier to do, depending on the campaign setting) and even adjust magical side-effect result #5 (Yeoman's Call) to allow only those who avoid the sea to gain benefit instead.


Male Classes (50% chance, d12)
1-5. Cleric 
6-9. Priest
10-12. Seidman (shaman, link)

Female Classes (50% chance, d12)
1-5. Cleric 
6-9. Priest
Volva/ Seidkona (shamaness/ witch, link)

Hair Color (d10)
1-2. Platinum blond
3-4. Golden blond
5-6. Dark blond
7. Red
8-9. Brown
10. Black

Build (d6)
1. Slender
2-3. Medium
4-5. Stocky
6. Voluptuous

Complexion (d8)
1-6. Fair
7. Medium
8. Tanned

Garb (d6)
1-2. Robes
3-4. Practical Garb
5-6. Furs

Special Possessions (percent chance each)
- Magic Weapon (7% per level)
- Magic Armor (5% per level)
- Magic Item (7% per level)

Main Weapon (d5)
1. Bow
2. Spear
3. Axe
4. Club
5. Dagger

Special Qualities (percent chance)
- Vigorous fylgja (15%): their spirit guardian is particularly active in the matters of independence, survival, and cold mountainousness, granting a +1d3 bonus to 1d3 rolls that involve at least one of them per day. The fylgja is otherwise generally supportive, like those that other people have.
- Is actually a risit/ giant (5%)
- Height increase, per Divine Test #3 (10% per level)
- Immunity to cold, per Divine Test #10 (5% per level)
- Strength increase, per Divine Test #11 (5% per level)
- Size & Constitution increase, per Divine Test #12 (5% per level)
- I cannot tolerate Noatun, per Divine Test #14 (4% per level)
- Father has been slain, per Divine Test #15 (4% per level)
- Infused with the giant might of Skadi, per Divine Test #16 (3% per level)
- A group of 1d4+1 berserkers had arrived, per Divine Test #17 (3% per level)
- None can keep me from the freedom of the frosty peaks, per Divine Test #18+ (3% per level)

Sample Cleric-Type of Skadi
Hungerd Grimkeldottir, Lvl 6 Norse cleric of Skadi, Align: N, MV: 40', AC 5, HD: 6, HP: 35, Atk: 1, Dmg: 1d6+2 (+1 hammer) or 1d8 (battle axe)
SP: cleric abilities, height increase x3, immunity to cold, size & constitution increase, father has been slain, spells prepared (1st Level: Create Water (as ice), Cure Light Wounds, Detect Evil, Enlarge*, 2nd Level: Find Traps (coating them with ice), Hold Person (the same), Spiritual Weapon (held by a phantom frost giantess), 3rd Level: Animal Growth (arctic or alpine breeds), Frostball* (as Fireball, but does cold damage instead at -1 damage per die rolled), Haste* (when wearing skis; reverse, coating them with ice)
SV: C6, Mor: 10, Items: holy symbol, chainmail, large shield, furs, +1 spear, battle axe, 25 gold pieces
Main Emphasis: Find freedom through rugged independence. Appearance: dark blond hair, medium build, fair complexion.  

Summon Giant (New Spell)
5th Level Cleric Spell
Casting Time: 3d3 rounds
Duration: 1d3 turns
Effect: Cleric-types who follow divinities, cults, or totems that are associated with giants can attempt to call one that matches with this spell. There’s a 10% chance per level of it succeeding, minus the giant's HD x 5. For example, a 10th level cleric of Skadi can attempt to summon a frost giant, having a 50% chance of success ([10 x 10] – [10 x 5] %).

If successful (and if one is in the area), then the giant will arrive and the cleric can beseech its help for the spell’s duration. 1d3 failures in a row will provoke a divine test. Fitting offerings can increase the chances of it arriving, being helpful, and staying longer too, per Referee. 

Other beings can be summoned via similar spells.

Next week: Temples of Skadi, Part II!