Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Lords of Puppets, Part I

Lords are supernatural servants of divinities that can be angelic, fey, demonic, or devilish. They grant different abilities and spells to mortals who follow their ways, though it might be unclear just who the servant and who the lord is.

Our first example begins with Lords of Puppets. Each kind has their own general guidelines that are followed.

Ways of Puppets
* Angelic Lords: Use puppets to promote what is orderly and good.
* Fey Lords: Puppets help with enjoying and celebrating life!
* Demonic Lords: Puppets help with enjoying great mayhem and slaughter!
* Devilish Lords: Make puppets of others.

Working with Puppets
Special: Individuals of any class can associate with one type of lord of puppets. They must then follow their ways in order to access the associated powers and spells, and are known as puppeteers.
Powers of Puppets: These are granted in return for the puppeteer giving up a daily use of another ability or spell of similar power. Each can be used to influence others up to once per day per level, has a range of 60', and lasts for 2d6 rounds. They can be resisted with a save vs. spell/ Will save DC 15. The puppeteer must at least have a puppet on his person in order for the power to work.
   Angelic: Help one to realize their proper role for the greatest good.
   Fey: Entice one to indulge in a joy, liberation, or pleasure.
   Demonic: Tempt one to indulge in bedlam or destruction.
   Devilish: Force one to obey and serve.

Magical Side-Effects of Puppets
Who is controlling whom? Roll whenever a power of puppets or puppet spell is used. If something needs to be done, then consult the Things Done table further below.

1. Come On, Doll: The puppet needs to do something for the power or spell to work. Once done, it will.

2. Puppet or Weak: If the puppet doesn't do something, then the power or magic will only occur at 50% its usual strength. 

3-4. Marion-yet? The power or spell will happen, but if the puppet doesn't perform a requirement, its effects will only transpire 1d6 turns later.

5. Puppet ShowAll within 1d6 x 10' have a 50% chance of gaining a +2 bonus to act in the way of the Puppet Lord in question for the next 1d6 rounds.

6-9. No Side-Effect: The power or spell occurs without anything else happening this time. 

10-11. Many CanThe power or magic's effect, range, or duration can be boosted by 50% if the puppet is used to do something. If not, then it just works normally.

12. Puppets Take a BowThe power or spell's effect, range, or duration is boosted by 50%. If something is also done by the puppet, then one of those aspects can be doubled.

Things Done
When a magical side-effect has a requirement, roll on one of the matching tables below. A puppet must then be used to do what's described, or at least to narrate what's happening, recite a poem, or sing a song about it.

Angelic Puppets (d4)
1. Clean up a mess or organize things.
2. Properly recite words, remember letters, or count numbers.
3. Assist one who's downtrodden or calm one who's angered.
4. Right some wrong.

Fey Puppets (d4)
1. Partake of silly merriment.
2. Beguile one to do something desired.
3. Strike a bargain.
4. Be strange.

Demonic Puppets (d4)
1. Create a mess or disorganize things.
2. Destroy something.
3. Threaten and harm another.
4. Wrong some right.

Devilish Puppets  (d4)
1. Punish one who has made a mess or disorganized things.
2. Force another to properly recite words, remember letters, or count numbers.
3. Trick one into indulging in order to then control them later.
4. Control another elsewise.

For example, a cleric decides to work with a Lord of Fey Puppets. He gives up one use of his divinity's mysteries in order to tempt one to indulge in a joy or pleasure. When using that power, he gets a 2 as a magical side-effect and a 3 for fey puppets. So if he doesn't want the power to be at 1/2 strength, he must have his puppet make some sort of bargain.

Next week: Puppet Tests and Spells!