Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Zeus Encounters, Part II

Temples of Zeus

Style (d8)
1. Aeolic: windy
2-4. Ionic: regal
5. Corinthian: imperial
6-8. Doric: stately

Form (d12)
1-3. Shrine
4. Tholos (Round)
5-12. Rectangular

Temple's Access is Forbidden to (d10)
Followers of, dealers with, or actual:
1. Demons
2. Titans
3. Undead
4. Those who insult the Olympian gods
5. Foreigners
6-8. Reroll twice
9-10. All the above

Sacred Space (d30)
Reflecting Greek rulership and order, such places are often replete with a feeling of (roll 1d20):
1-2.  Exercise your leadership in the name of Zeus
3-4. Usurp those who are unfit
5-6. Rule justly 
7-8. Sow your royal oats
9. The Greeks Themselves
10. Heroic Adventure
11. Syncretism with another sky and/or storm god
12. Local variation
13. Archaic, Mycenaean 
14. Eagle spirit
15-30. All are emphasized

Random Temple Encounters
(See Volume I)

Magical Special Properties (all temples of Zeus)
- Anywhere within the temple: All Greek cleric-types can reroll their magical side-effects up to once per day, but must take the second result.
Cella (the temple's main sanctum/ most sacred area): Those who specifically follow Zeus can reroll their magical side-effects, gaining a +1d3 bonus to the roll, even picking which ones they wish to use, up to 3 times per day. In all cases, the chances of triggering divine tests are also doubled at this place since a 6 + 1d12' tall statue of Zeus is watching.

Other Special Properties (percent chance each)
- Located near a mountain (25%)
- Located on a mountain (5%)
- +1d3 bonus to all rolls made related to its sacred space (75%)

- +1d3 bonus to all rolls made related to a different aspect of Zeus' sacred space (25%)
- Includes a natural source of sustenance and/or succor (25%)
- Located near a node, see Volume II (20%)

Special Temple Guardians
(d12, roll multiple times for larger temples)

1. Faithful Servants: Noncombatant but devoted, they will alert other guardians to threats when possible. 

3-7. Zeusian Hoplites: Per hoplites in Volume I, they also gain a +2 to hit those who are on lower ground or are of lower station, but also suffer a -2 penalty to all rolls when fighting on uneven terrain.

8-11. Myrmidons: Skilled anti-fighter fighters, they gain a +2 bonus per odd level to hit, damage, or AC when facing those with similar abilities (link). Armed with short swords, armor, helms, and shields, treat them otherwise as hoplites.

12. Eagles: Flying above, they can signal to the faithful when danger approaches, reading Zeus' wrath.

Temple's height up to the pediment is 68 feet, its breadth is 95 feet, and its length is 230 feet

General: It is Doric.
The temple's form is rectangular
Access is forbidden to followers of, dealers with, or actual foreigners and titans.
Its sacred space emphasizes all that Zeus embodies.
Magical properties (see above).
Other special properties: +2 bonus to all rolls made that reflect Zeus' sacred space.

1. Ramp: Guarded by 1d3 faithful servants, they keep their eyes open for any who might be forbidden.

2. Peristasis (columns around the temple): Marking the outer edge of the temple area, they can grant cover. Foreigners and titan-types will feel a sense of repulsion here. Any obvious ones caught by the 1d3 Zeusian hoplites who watch over this area will be brought before Aster and his guards (at Location 4) to pass sentence.

3. Pronaos (entrance porch):  In antis, the entrance is is well-defended. 2d4 Zeusian hoplites remain vigilant here.

4. Cella (main statue room): The most sacred area, the walls are lined with carvings of Zeus, his many exploits, and the other Olympians. Aster (from Part I) will be present during daytime hours too, guarded by 3 myrmidons. A 15' tall statue of Zeus is at this location too, gilded and shining regally. 

5. Opisthodomos (treasury): Zeus' local treasures are stored at this place. For those who attempt something as foolish as stealing them, there's a 85% chance of Zeus causing them to experience a 10 + 1d12 divine test to demonstrate his displeasure. The remaining temple guards will also be notified.

Next week: quests of Zeus in Part III!