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Lords of Maidens, Part II

As with mortal maidens, supernatural maidens can surely test as well.

Maiden Tests
1-7. Longing, the enchanted one loses access to his maiden for a time, being unable to call upon her and also suffering a -1d3 penalty to all rolls for the next 1d3 days. With her return, he will likely feel more connected again, though perhaps more of a man from the experience too.

8-12. Some ladies may not be so easily restrained. The maiden takes a more direct interest in promoting her emphasis (see Part I), pushing her enchanted one to immediately act in that way for the next 1d6 hours. If not, then she will cause a random individual or situation within 120' to do so or occur instead (a save vs. spell/ Will save DC 15 can be made to resist by the one(s) so affected, if applicable). She has a 50% chance of briefly being seen too in any case. 
13-17. Oh, here she comes. The maiden takes physical form for the time being, remaining visible at her enchanted one's side for the next 2d6 hours. She will continue to assist and act according to her nature, lending aid if her side-effects warrant, and with no daily limit (see Maiden Powers below). Her effects are also doubled and last 1d3 hours each while she's in this form too, even being cumulative if applicable- up to thrice per individual affected. Still, any harm done to her will be conferred upon the enchanted one instead. Also, due to the intensity of the experience, her enchanted one will suffer a cumulative -1 penalty to all Charisma rolls when dealing with those who don't embody that of the maiden's lord (angelic, fey, elemental, demonic, or fey) from now on, every time he experiences this test. And if he happens to be slain, note that the maiden will join her enchanted one in the afterlife or wander in search of a new enchanted one, depending on their relationship. 
Manifest Maiden 
MV: 40’, AC 6, HD 1 per enchanted one's level, Atk: 1, Dmg: 1d6 + 1 per enchanted one's level, SP: maiden powers & spells (see below) with x2 potency and lasting 1d3 hours, any harm done to her affects the enchanted one, SV: F1 per enchanted one's level, Mor: 12, AL: per type

18+ Wishing to get away from it all, the maiden takes her enchanted one to be with her in her home realm. He will then be returned in 3d6 (and then roll 1d6): [1-2] hours, [3-4] weeks, [5] months, [6] years. And while he may enjoy himself, only very talented (and dedicated) allies will have a chance of finding him to bring him back earlier.

Maiden Powers
Maidens aid their enchanted ones in one of the following ways, each effect occurring for the next 3 rounds, based on their type, often up to 3 times per day when their side-effects indicate it.

Angel Maidens
Grant their enchanted one a... 
   1. Guardian Angel / Fylgjukona: +4 bonus to prevent a negative effect from befalling them or to ease their suffering.
   2. Valkyrie: +1 bonus to improve their battle prowess or bravery.
   3. Muse: +4 bonus to receive guidance or to know something.
   4. Ancestral Spirit / Disir: +2 bonus to assist or to work with their people.
Fey Maidens
   1. Fairy Godmother: Grant their enchanted one a +1 bonus to have good fortune.
   2. Sprite: Grant any within 30' a +4 bonus to frolic with fun.
   3. Siren: Cause one within 60' to save vs. spell/ make a Will save DC 15 or be drawn to them.
   4. Nymph: Cause one within 30' to save vs. spell/ make a Will save DC 15 or be seduced with pleasure, likely lasting longer than 3 rounds.
Elemental Maidens
Cause any within 30' a +4 bonus to feel...
   1. Fire Woman: hotter, warmer, or on fire.
   2. Cold Woman: colder, cooler, or frozen.
   3. Wet Woman: wetter, moister, or flowing.
   4. Dry Woman: dryer, stiller, or stable.
   5. Air Women: airier, open, or electric.
Demonic Maidens
Cause any touched to have a +4 or -4 modifier...
   1. Mother of Monsters: by changing them (more) into a monster, mutations allowing a hideous bonus.
   2. Possessing Spirit: by being ridden to sin (even more), granting a bonus, but lack of control.
   3. Succubus: by draining them, causing a penalty.
   4. Fury: by running amok, either gaining a bonus or causing others to suffer a penalty (equal chance of either).

Cause any who meet their gaze to have a +4 or -4 modifier...
   1. Nemesis: to test or be tested.
   2. Dominatrix: to control or be controlled.
   3. Erinyesto enact vengeance.
   4. Hellion: to torture or be tortured.

For example, an enchanted one calls upon his demonic maiden, a mother of monsters, so she decides to aid him with a +4 bonus to his rolls for the next 3 rounds, though it will make him more monstrous, perhaps giving hideous features and/or mutant parts.

Maiden Spells
In addition, maidens can also assist their enchanted ones by casting spells on their behalf if it would serve her ways or emphasis better. Doing so applies to her usual limit of only being able to aid up to thrice per day. Each maiden knows 1d6 spells of each level that is available to her type.

Spells marked '(D)' are druid spells.
Spells marked '(*)' are magic-user spells.

1st Level
Angelic Maiden Spells
1. Command
2. Create Water
3. Cure Light Wounds
4. Detect Evil
5. Light
6. Protection from Evil
7. Purify Food and Drink
8. Remove Fear
9. Resist Cold
10. Sanctuary
11. Comprehend Languages*
12. Hold Portal*
13. Identify*
14. Mending*
15. Message*
16. Read Languages*
17. Shield*
18. Unseen Servant*

Fey Maiden Spells
1. Command
2. Create Water (reversible)
3. Cure Light Wounds
4. Detect Magic
5. Light (reversible)
6. Purify Food and Drink
7. Remove Fear (reversible)
8. Resist Cold
9. Sanctuary
10. Faerie Fire (D)
11. Pass without Trace (D)
12. Purify Water (D)
13. Shillelagh (D)
14. Allure*
15. Burning Hands*
16. Charm Person*
17. Dancing Lights*
18. Enlarge* (reversed)
19. Feather Fall*
20. Hold Portal*
21. Identify*
22. Jump*
23. Mending*
24. Message*
25. Shield*
26. Unseen Servant*
27. Ventriloquism*

Elemental Maiden Spells
1. Command (Fire, Air, Frost, Earth)
2. Create Water (Water, or Earth - reversed)
3. Detect Magic (if it matches the element type or its opposite)
4. Light (Fire, Air, or Earth- reversed)
5. Remove Fear  (Water or Earth, Fire or Air-reversible, Frost- reversed)
6. Resist Cold (Fire, Frost, or Water)
7. Faerie Fire (D) (Fire or Air)
8. Pass without Trace (D) Frost, Water, or Earth)
9. Purify Water (D) (Frost or Water)
10. Shillelagh (D) (Earth)
11. Allure* (Fire, Air, Frost, or Water)
12. Burning Hands* (Fire, or Frost- reversed)
13. Charm Person* (Fire, Air, Frost, Water)
14. Enlarge* (Earth)
15. Feather Fall* (Air)
16. Hold Portal* (Frost, Earth)
17. Jarring Hand* (Air, Water, Earth)
18. Jump* (Air, Earth)
19. Manipulate Fire* (Fire)
20. Mending* (Earth- if object is made of earth)
21. Message* (Air)
22. Shield* (Fire, Air, Frost, Water, Earth)
23. Shocking Grasp* (Air, Frost)
24. Unseen Servant* (Fire, Air, Frost, Water, Earth)

Demonic Maiden Spells
1. Create Water (reversible)
2. Cure Light Wounds (reversed)
3. Light (reversed)
4. Purify Food and Drink (reversed)
5. Remove Fear (reversed)
6. Purify Water (D) (reversed)
7. Charm Person*
8. Enlarge* 
9. Hold Portal*
10. Jarring Hand*
11. Jump*
12. Shocking Grasp*

Devilish Maiden Spells
1. Command
2. Create Water (reversible)
3. Cure Light Wounds (reversible)
4. Detect Evil (reversible)
5. Detect Magic
6. Light (reversible)
7. Protection from Evil (reversible)
8. Purify Food and Drink (reversible)
9. Remove Fear (reversible)
10. Resist Cold
11. Sanctuary
12. Allure*
13. Burning Hands*
14. Charm Person*
15. Comprehend Languages*
16. Erase*
17. Hold Portal*
18. Identify*
19. Jarring Hand*
20. Manipulate Fire*
21. Mending*
22. Message*
23. Read Languages*
24. Shield*
25. Unseen Servant*
26. Ventriloquism*

Higher Level Spells

Next week: Lords of Maidens concludes with Maiden Divinities and Encounters!