Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Lords of Maidens, Part I

Working at the behest of divinities, lords of Maidens send angelic, fey, elemental, demonic, or devilish spirit women to be companions for mortals. Such maidens may then use their powers on their behalf, which can be quite compelling.

Ways of Maidens
Maidens are...
Angelic: peaceful, harmonious, & bountiful, remaining honorable and pure
Fey: wondrous, enchanting, & sentient, though elusive or entrapping
* Elemental: fiery, cold, wet, dry, or airy.
Demonic: bizarre, mutagenic, wanton, and possessing, but can be quite enticing.
* Devilish: empowering, dominating, punishing, and entrapping, though may be rewarding

Working with Maidens
Special: Any individual can be born with a maiden companion or even gain one by taking certain actions (per Referee). In any case, those who work with them are known as enchanted ones. 

Call Maiden: Maidens can be called upon by an enchanted one usually up to thrice per day. Alternatively, the Referee may decide that the enchanted one is in need, so the maiden will intervene even if not called. However it is done, the maiden may then choose to assist the mortal according to her ways, often remaining in spirit (ethereal) form when doing so (see Magical Side-Effects of Maidens below). If she does assist, she will do so via her powers or spells (see Part II). 

Maiden Varieties: Each maiden is of a certain type, such as Angelic or Fey, and also has 1 or more emphasis, such as muse or sprite. While her type remains the same, her emphasis can remain set or change every 1d12 days, per Referee. For example, a muse might remain so ongoingly, or act as a guardian angel or either other emphasis at times too. What is more, they can combine aspects of more than one maiden type, allowing for muse sprites, guardian angel muses, fire dominatrices, etc.

Angelic Maidens (roll d6) 
Will care for and guide their enchanted one. They emphasize (roll d6).
   1. Guardian Angel / Fylgjukona: Doing good deeds.
   2. Valkyrie: F
ighting bravely, dying well if need be.
   3. Muse: Gaining insights and expressing inspiration.
   4. Ancestral Spirit / Disir: Maintaining the ways of their people.
   5. Reroll twice.
   6. Roll as Fey or Elemental Maiden, while still following Angelic Maiden ways.

Fey Maidens (roll d6) 
Will grant their enchanted one some wonder. They emphasize (roll d6).
   1. Fairy Godmother: Having good fortune.
   2. Sprite: Playing in the world.
   3. Siren: Drawing others to remain with them.
   4. Nymph / Huldra: Becoming lost in erotic delight.
   5. Reroll twice.
   6. Roll as Angelic, Elemental, or Demonic Maiden, but will do her best to abide by Fey Maiden ways as well.

Elemental Maidens (roll d6) 
Act in a way according to their element. They emphasize (roll d6).
   1. Fire Woman: Aggression, spark, brightness.
   2. Cold Woman: Withdrawing, restriction, reclusiveness.
   3. Wet Woman: Indulgence, flowing, cleansing.
   4. Dry Woman: Prohibition, stability, preserving.
   5. Air Women: Freedom, movement, changing.
   6. Roll as Angelic, Fey, another Elemental, Demonic, or Devilish Maiden, combining with the type of elemental maiden she is.

Demonic Maidens (roll d6) 
Will grant something bizarre. They emphasize (roll d6).
   1. Mother of Monsters: Creating unpleasantly altered things.
   2. Possessing Spirit: Making others sin.
   3. Succubus: Draining others erotically.
   4. Fury: Running amok for it own sake.
Reroll twice
   6. Roll as Fey, elemental, or Devilish Maiden, but will usually still behave in Demonic Maiden ways.

Devilish (roll d6)
Work with the price of hierarchy. They thus emphasize (roll d6).
   1. Nemesis: Being adversarial.
   2. Dominatrix: Controlling others.
   3. Erinyes: Getting revenge.
   4. Hellion: Torturing others.
   5Reroll twice
   6Roll as Fey, Elemental, or Demonic Maiden, but must ultimately obey Devil Maiden ways.

Magical Side-Effects of Maidens
When called upon for assistance (or even when not). maidens might assist, often depending on whether it corresponds to their ways or emphasis. Roll 1d12.

1. Now Isn't Right: The maiden will not respond this time. What is more, every time this result is experienced thrice. the enchanted one will experience a maiden test.

2. I May Be Able to Help: Unless it would directly serve her ways, the maiden cannot assist.

3. I Can Provide Some Assistance: While the maiden might assist, it will only be at half her usual strength unless doing so matches her emphasis. 

4-5. SoonThe maiden will assist, but if it doesn't match her emphasis, then she will only do so after 1d20 rounds pass, 1d20 turns if it doesn't even match her ways.

6-9. I am Felt: The maiden assists. What is more, on a roll of 7, all within 120' have a 50% chance of gaining a +1 bonus to rolls related to the maiden's ways, +2 for rolls related to her emphasis for the next 2d6 rounds.

10-11. You Are Doing ItThe maiden is pleased. aiding by 50% more if it would align with her ways, 100% if it would align with her emphasis too. Otherwise, it just works normally.

12. Now Is Right: With a boost of 100%, the maiden will assist greatly. If doing so would also align with her emphasis, then she will conjoin with the enchanted one for a time, a wonderful process taking at least 1d6 minutes, preventing them both from harm, but also preventing them from doing little else.

For example, a man is an enchanted one of a Fey Maiden, a siren. He calls upon her help (or the Referee determines that he might need it). A 5 is rolled for this time's Magical Side-Effect of Maidens, indicating that if her assistance wouldn't elicit drawing things to her or involve even that which is wondrous, enchanting, sentient, elusive, or entrapping, then it would take 1d20 turns to occur. If just the latter was met, it would only take 1d20 rounds to occur; if the former, then it would occur immediately.

Next week: Maiden Tests and Powers!