Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Lords of Food & Drink, Part I

Such fare can reflect memorable characteristics, no matter one's taste.

Ways of Food & Drink
Food & drink should be...
Angelic: light and beneficial
Fey: enticing and changing 
Elemental: hot, cold, airy, watery, or earthy
Demonic: horrifying and changing
* Devilish: appearing as one of the above, but corrupted

Enchanting Food & Drink
Special: By working with certain lords of food & drink, spellcasters can enchant such refreshments, being known as magic culinarians (or esoteric barkeeps) when they do so. In exchange for giving up another special ability or spell, they can alter one serving of food and/or drink to contain a spell that they know. Once eaten or quaffed, the spell is then cast upon the imbiber. The spell remains otherwise ready for use for as long as the food or drink does. That spell use also remains unavailable to the magic culinarian until such consumption takes place, preventing the magic culinarian from amassing too much magical beverage and cuisine at once.

Depending on the magical side-effects, food & drink so affected can take on special qualities based on which type of lord is invoked too.

Food & Drink Magical Side Effects
Roll whenever a magic culinarian so enchants food or drink. Roll also for special qualities each time too. The Referee may wish to do so secretly for both, keeping the results a surprise for the partaker.

1. Dire Results: Either the food fails to be enchanted and any magic used for it is wasted, or the enchantment works, but the one(s) consuming it experience a food & drink test too (see Part II)- an equal chance of either.

2. Not my best: The spell's effects will only be at 50% their normal strength.

3. It's not ready yet! The culinarian needs 3d6 additional rounds to finish enchanting the food and/or drink..

4-9. Supernatural Flavor Only: Besides the food & drink special qualities, nothing additional happens with this food and/or drink.

10-11. Strong FoodThe spell's effect or duration is boosted by 50%, 100% if the number of special qualities the food and/or drink has are doubled. 

12. Dynamic ResultsThe spell's effect or duration is doubled. The magic culinarian can also reroll any special qualities the food and/or drink has once.

Food & Drink Special Qualities

Angelic (roll 1d7)
   1. Light: looks pure and good.
   2. Wholesome: is free of anything harmful.
   3. Nourishing: satisfies for 50% longer.
   4. Palliative: increases any healing magical effects placed in it by 50%.
   5. Protective: grants a +2 bonus to all saves for the next 1d6 turns.
   6. Purging: removes curses, restores senses, and the like, though the imbiber will be unable to act for the next 3d6 rounds as it does its work.
   7. Reroll twice.

Fey (roll 1d7)
All effects last for 1d7 hours.
   1. Sweet: tastes wonderful.
   2. Decadent: similar food and drink must be indulged upon immediately, only be resisted with a save vs. spell/ Will save DC 15.
   3. Intoxicating: removes sorrow and reduces all saves or other rolls that requires restraint by -1d7.
   4. Per another table, yet the effects are still whimsical (roll 1d4): [1] angelic, [2] elemental, [3] demonic, [4] devilish.
   5. Enhancing: increases any magical effects placed in it by 50%.
   6. Entropic: causes a random spell that the magic culinarian knows to be cast via the food or drink instead.
   7. Reroll twice.

Elemental (roll 1d6)
All effects cause a +3 bonus to those whose vital humors need and/or natures match the element, -3 to those who don't. Such modifiers last for the next 1d6 turns.
   1. Hot/ spicy
   2. Cold/ chilling
   3. Airy/ light
   4. Watery/ moist
   5. Earthy/ rich
   6. Reroll twice.

Demonic (roll 1d7)
   1. Dark: looks dismal and wrong.
   2. Disturbing: causes unpleasant feelings, -1d2 to all rolls for the next 3d6 hours. 
   3. Harming: causes physical problems, 1d2 damage to a random ability score or other stat.
   4. Terrifying: is scary in of itself, Morale checks are required to stay in the food and/or drink's presence, let alone consume it.
   5. Maddening: makes one insane for the next 3d6 hours, per Referee.
   6. Vicious: increases any harmful magical effects placed in it by 50%.
   7. Reroll twice.

Devilish (roll 1d4)
Each condition can last for 1d6 hours.
   1. Snake Oil-Flavored: as Angelic above, but the partaker will only think that they are benefited, which becomes apparently later.
   2. Diabolically Decadent: the same food and/or drink must be indulged on continually, only be resisted with a save vs. spell/ Will save DC 15, which, conveniently enough, only the devilish culinarian can provide.
   3Quite Unpleasant: per one of the Elemental results above, but all partakers are harmed by it, and with a -6 penalty instead.
   4. Remedy Wrong: per one of the Demonic results above, but the partaker's maladies can conveniently be stopped in return for performing a service... for the magic culinarian of course.

For example, a witch who has forged a pact with a fey lord of food & drink wishes to make a goblet of wine that causes the one drinking it to be affected by a Sleep spell. When doing so, she rolls a 7 as a food & drink magical side-effect and 3 on the fey table, so not only will the one drinking it be affected by the spell, but will likely become intoxicated as well, possibly even still when they awaken.

Next week: Food Tests & Spells!