Wednesday, May 1, 2024

Lords of Food & Drink, Part II

That which we consume just might consume us, even if we need food badly.

Food & Drink Tests
1-5. Something is off, and the food and/or drink does not agree with the partaker. Such indigestion will cause them to suffer a -1d6 penalty to all rolls for the next 1d6 hours unless some form of remedy is administered earlier.

6-13. What an unusual recipe. What occurs depends on the type of lord of food & drink invoked, though a save vs. spell/ Will save DC 15 can resist it. If not, the partaker...
        Angelic: is compelled to commit a good and/or selfless act.
        Fey: is turned into someone or something else for the next 1d20 hours (roll 1d6): [1] someone else of the same race, [2] a different race, [3] a beast, [4] a magical creature, [5] a plant, [6] an object.
        Elemental: suffers 3d6 damage of the elemental type (unless immune).
        Demonic: is attacked by the food or drink itself for the next 1d20 rounds, it has a +1d6 bonus to hit and does 1d6 damage. Attacks made against it will likely be useless unless they would normally consume food.
        Devilish: is compelled to do an evil and/or selfish act.

14-17. There is more to the food & drink than bargained for. Roll again for its special qualities, but on another table instead of just the one for the lord of food & drink being invoked (roll 1d5): [1] angelic, [2] fey, [3] elemental, [4] demonic, [5] devilish. Its qualities are thus either mixed, or having the same type of lord of food & drink result twice will cause test results #6-13 to occur as well. For example, rolling angelic for food and drink that was already so would imbue an additional angelic special quality along with a compulsion to commit a good and selfless act.

18+ This tastes like... The partaker is quite affected by the food and/or drink for the next 6d6 hours.
       Angelic: must fast, even eschewing edible or quaffable palliatives.
       Fey: is followed around by a diminutive, doughy chef or other fey food-being that encourages gluttony.
       Elemental: causes 1d3 elemental damage of the type they consumed to any who get too close to their (bad) breath.
      Demonic: becomes a monster, merging aspects of the food and/or drink into their own form. They must then attack all others who haven't been so affected, causing at least 1d4 damage on every successful hit each round by (roll 1d4):
            [1] getting in a lethal food fight
            [2] forcing them to eat the food and/or drink too
            [3] projectile vomiting on them
            [4] attempting to eat and/or drink the others before they eat or drink them!
     Devilish: become adversely affect by said food and/or drink, even in its mundane form, unless engaging in evil acts at the time. The effect lasts until removed as a curse too. Roll 1d3:
            [1] causes an allergic reaction
            [2] costs 3x more (which may then cause an allergic reaction due to stress)
            [3] causes unnatural weight gain, so clothing costs 3x more

Types of Food & Drink
The bounty provided by the lords of food & drink come in many forms.

Drink (d8)               Fare (d6)                    Meat (d12)                  
1. Ale                      1. Bread                    1. Beef
2. Beer                    2. Cake                     2. Bison
3. Juice                   3. Cookie                  3. Fish
4. Liquor                 4. Muffin                    4. Fowl
5. Mead                  5. Pie                         5. Ham
6. Milk                     6. Pudding                6. Joint
7. Tea                                                       7. Lamb
8. Wine                                                     8. Pork
                                                                 9. Rabbit
                                                               10. Shellfish     
                                                               11. Venison
                                                    12. Other
Produce (d10)                     Extras (d10)
1. Fruit                                1. Cheese
2. Garden Vegetables        2. Confectionary        
3. Potato                            3. Egg
4. Nuts                               4. Herbs
5. Parsnip                         
5. Honey
6. Rutabaga                       6. Hot Pie
7. Soup                             7. Jam
8. Squash                         8. Oil
9. Stew                             9. Pickled Food
10. Yam                           10. Preserved Meat

Next week: Lords of Food & Drink concludes with Food & Drink Divinities and Encounters!