Wednesday, May 8, 2024

Lords of Food & Drink, Part III

Food & Drink Divinities & Cults
Nourishing deities may grant great bounty, though they sometimes may not.

Greek & Roman
Demeter / Ceres: angelic, fey, & elemental earth
Dionysus / Bacchus: fey & demonic
Hecate / Trivia: devilish, demonic, & fey
Hestia / Vesta: angelic

Norse & Anglo-Saxon
Hel / Hellia: devilish, demonic, & elemental cold
Iðunn / Eostre: fey & elemental water
Jord / Eorde: angelic & elemental earth
Sif / Sib: fey & elemental fire

Arianrhod: elemental air & devilish
Danu: angelic, fey, & elemental water
the Dagda: elemental earth & fey
Lugh: angelic & fey
Manannan mac Lir: fey & elemental water

Ilmatar: fey & elemental air
Louhi: devilish & demonic 
Mielikki: fey & elemental earth

Baba Yaga: devilish
Mokosh: angelic & elemental earth & water
Morana: devilish, demonic, & elemental cold

Johnny Applesneeze: devilish & demonic

A Meal from Hell
A Lords of Food & Drink Encounter

Not all feasts are bon appétit. 
Each square = 5'

1. That the sign outside a tavern shows a Flaming Cup should be clue enough. If not, its patrons, food, & drink inside will.

2. At this table sits a woman with a white hood & horns along with a man with a red hood & horns. They have a carafe of blood-red wine which, though they are maintaining their airs, they must drink, thanks to it being Diabolically Decadent thanks to an earlier effect.

3. Here sit two women and one man, the first with a black hood & white horns, the second with red hair & red horns, and the third with a black hood & black horns. Dining on chicken and mead, they would go mad as per a Demonic effect, but it is kept at bay for now from a Remedy Wrong.

4. This table is free and the party will be brought here if they wish. The waitress has a white hood & horns, but sometimes appears young, sometimes old. A variety of food & drink is available. Those who order (and who are not supporters of evil order) will be served things that are Quite Unpleasant, being dangerously hot & spicy.

5. The barkeep, Denokker, stands here. Dressed as an actual red devil, his disturbing presentation belies his actual magic culinarian (or esoteric barkeep) ability. He has three special items standing by if needed, detailed below. If pressed, he will offer the ham to the unwise (and/or hungry) in order to get them on his side, eat the cheese himself to then attack the party (his current Strength is 14), and finally, if defeated, offer them the honey as a 'peace offering'.

Ham of Charm Person: Supernatural Flavor Only, Remedy Wrong - Dark
Cheese of Strength: Strong Food (doubled), Snake-Oiled Flavored - Nourishing, Diabolically Decadent 
Honey of Cure Light Wounds: Not My Best, Quite Unpleasant - Fire (the healing won't do much, but the aftertaste sure will)

MV: 40’, AC 7, HD 3, HP: 8, Atk: 1, Dmg: 1d4 (sharp knife), SP: 3rd level magic-user of Arianrhod, is a magic culinarian via a pact with a devilish lord of food & drink, SV: M3, Mor: 9, AL: L(E), Items: +2 apron of protection, sharp knife, devil costume, 25 gps (the latter hidden in Location 6).

6. This well-arranged kitchen has an oppressive air about it. Along with the magic culinarian's other possessions, an altar to Arianrhod and many symbols of devilish lords of food & drink would explain it. 

Next week: our series continues with Lords of Champions!