Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Lords of Realms, Part I

Lords of Realms are supernatural servants of divinities and can be angelic, fey, elemental, demonic, or devilish. They grant different abilities and spells to mortals, though what they are is based on other planes of existence.

Ways of Realms
Realms can be...
* Angelic: peaceful, harmonious, bountiful, but restricted to the goodly
* Fey: wondrous, enchanting, sentient, but tricky
* Elemental: fiery, frosty, airy, watery, or earthy
* Demonic: bizarre, mutagenic, wanton, and possessing
* Devilish: empowering, dominating, punishing, and entrapping

Working with Realms
Special: Those of any class can associate with one type of lord of realms and are known as wayfarers.

Conjure Realm: This power is granted in return for the wayfarer giving up a daily use of another ability or spell of similar magnitude. Each use of Conjure Realm can cause a 60' radius area effect up to once per day per level in which some realmlike state occurs. It has a range of 30', lasts for 2d6 rounds, and its effects can be resisted with a save vs. spell/ Will save DC 15. Multiple uses of Conjure Realm on the same place at the same time can expand its area of effect or duration. What otherwise happens to all those inside is determined at random each time its used, based on what type of realm is being conjured.

   Angelic (d6) 
      1. Peaceful: All fighting must cease.
      2. Harmonious: Each body, mind, or soul 
is healed here (pick one for each use for each individual).
      3. Bountiful: None want for food, drink, shelter, or other succor in this place and for the next 1d3 days upon leaving.
      4. Restricted to the Goodly: Any non-good beings must leave.
      5. Angelic Fey: Roll as a Fey Realm, but the good cannot be harmed by its effects.
      6. Reroll twice.

   Fey (d6) 
      1. Wondrous: All are stunned in amazement or must remain otherwise engaged.
      2. Enchanting: What is sought most is here, preventing any wanting to leave.
      3. Sentient: All plants, animals, and even inanimate objects can talk and move in this place, relaying what they 
know, however nonsensical.
     4. Tricky: A random elemental, demonic, or devilish effect befalls any who fail to abide by a certain fey custom, such as partaking of or taking something from the place without permission.
     5. Fey Angelic: Roll as an Angelic Realm, but all is whimsical, and any benefit may come with a price (a base 66% chance).
     6. Reroll twice

   Elemental (d6)
    1. Fiery: All within take 1d3 fire damage per round, along with a -3 to all rolls unless they like heat.
    2. Frosty: All within take 1d3 frost damage per round, along with a -3 to all rolls unless they like cold.
    3. Airy: Only those who can fly can control their movement, all others are moved in a random direction at a speed of 1d10 x 5' per round. 10% chance of taking 1d8 electrical damage each round too.
    4. Watery: Only those who can breathe water can function, all others might drown (a base 66% chance).    
    5. Earthy: Water-loving beings take 1d3 drying damage per round and a -3 to all rolls.
    6. Combination: Roll as an Angelic, Fey, Demonic, Devilish, or other Elemental Realm, but also has 1 of the 5 Elemental qualities too.

   Demonic (roll d6) 
   1. Bizarre: Disturbing phenomena make those not chaotic or evil suffer a -3 to all rolls.
   2. Mutagenic: Each visitor grows a random new body part. It is (roll 1d4): [1] especially bizarre, [2] perverse, 
[3] dangerous- can be used to make an extra attack for 1d6 damage each round, [4] all three. Also treat as Bizarre, above, for 1d3 rounds to those who first see the new part and do not save. Each part is otherwise functional and remains after leaving the realm until physically removed from the ones who have them.
   3. Wanton: Any base urges must be engaged in here.
   4. Possessing: Demonic spirits possess any that they can, making them do anarchic and cruel things. They continue
 even after leaving the realm, until exorcised.
   5. Combination: Roll as a Fey, Elemental, or Devilish Realm, but also has a Demonic quality too.
Reroll twice.

   Devilish (roll d5)
    1. Empowering: All within gain 1 level or HD, and for 1d9 hours after too if used for evil or law.
    2. Dominating: All must vie to be the one in charge while here, and then completely obey the one who emerges on top.
    3. Punishing: A random elemental or demonic effect occurs for each individual.
    4. Entrapping: Those within cannot leave unless they choose one of their number to be stranded instead.
    5. Reroll twice.

Magical Side-Effects of Realms
Roaming may not always be where they want to. Roll whenever Conjure Realm or a realms spell is used. If a requirement is called, then consult the Requirements table further below.

1. Needed for a Slice of the Realm: A requirement must be met for the power or spell to work. Once done, it will.  There's a 33% chance of the wayfarer experiencing a realm test too.

2. Perhaps Only a Little Slice of the Realm: Unless a requirement is met, the power or magic will only occur at half its usual strength. 

3-4. Soon Cometh the Realm: The power or spell will happen, but if a requirement isn't met, then its effects will only occur 1d6 turns later.

5. Very Soon Cometh the RealmThe power or spell will happen, but if a requirement isn't met, then its effects will only occur 1d20 rounds later.

6-9. No Side-Effect: The power or spell occurs normally this time. 

10-11. A Potentially Potent Slice of a RealmThe power or magic's effect, range, or duration can be boosted by 50% if a requirement is met. If not, then it just works normally.

12. A Quite Potent Slice of a RealmThe power or spell's effect, range, or duration is boosted by 50%. If a requirement is also met, then one of those aspects can be doubled instead.

Realm Requirements
When a realm magical side-effect has a requirement, roll on one of the matching tables below to see what it is. Each refers to what the 60' radius around the target of the power or spell should be.

Angelic Realms (d4)
1. The area is clean, organized, or symmetrical already, whether physically or spiritually.
2. The area is blessed, whether by spell or holy water.
3. At least one in the area is good.
4. At least one in the area is in great need (so as to be helped).

Fey Realms (d4)
1. The area has an alluring, beautiful, or whimsical element within it already.
2. The area is at a crossroads, other nexus, or potent weather change.
3. At least one within is intoxicated, dancing, hopeful, or playing music.
4. At least one within has lost their bearings, is following an animal, or has spun around 3 times.

Elemental Realms (d4)
Requirements vary based on what type of elemental realm is being called.
1. The area has an item or an individual already in it that is at least somewhat fiery, frosty, airy, watery, or earthy.
2. The area itself is already at least associated somewhat with fire, frost, air, water, or earth.
3. Both 1 and 2 above.
4. Either 1 or 2 above.

Demonic Realms (d4)
1. The area is very dirty, disorganized, or asymmetrical, whether physically and/or spiritually.
2. The area is defiled, whether by spell and/or unholy water.
3. At least one in the area is evil.
4. At least one in the area is in great need (so as to be harmed).

Devilish Realms (d4)
1. The area has a controlling, torturous, or judgmental element or individual within it already.
2. The area is at a crossroads, other nexus, or potent weather change.
3. At least one within is sinful, somber, disillusioned, and/or immiserated.
4. At least one within has done something wrong, is planning on doing so, or would defy the Gods.

For example, 
a cleric decides to work with a Lord of Angelic Realms. He gives up one use of his divinity's mysteries in order to conjure an angelic realm. When doing so, he gets a 5 as a magical side-effect and a 1 for Angelic Realms. So if he doesn't want the conjuring to only happen 1d20 rounds later, the area where the angelic realm would appear must be clean, organized, or symmetrical.

Next week: Realm Tests and Spells!