Wednesday, June 5, 2024

Lords of Blessings & Curses, Part I

What may benefit one might not benefit others.

Ways of Blessings & Curses
Those bestowed often are:
Angelic: wholesome for the righteous
Fey: subject to chance
Elemental: based on what element is invoked
Demonic: unpleasant except for the chaotic & the evil
* Devilish: unpleasant except for the one causing them

Working with Blessings & Curses
Special: While divinities can bless and curse mortals in myriad ways, some specific results herein are provided by lords via the Bestow Blessing & Curse spell. All cleric-types can cast it, though the results may not always be as intended. What is more, the spell may even be cast by the Referee in response to mortals gaining a divinity's attention.

Bestow Blessing & Curse
1st Level Cleric Spell
Casting Time: 1d6 rounds
Range: 30'
Duration: 1d3 turns (if applicable)
Effect: Petition a divinity's attention and request intervention. And though one might wish for a blessing, due to its random nature, what may come might be considered a curse.

Roll for the type of occurrence below, though the usual requirements, side-effects, or even medium for it (such as a maiden or puppet, though it may somehow end up being provided or simply be unseen) is bypassed by the requirements of the Bestow Blessing & Curse spell. Once what occurs is determined, then match that result with the type of lord (angelic, fey, elemental, demonic, or devilish). If unknown, see Part III for the list. Additional custom effects and increases in the spell's level are discussed in Part II.

If the magical side-effects allow (see further below), then that power will be used on the invoker's behalf.

What Occurs is per (roll 1d6)
1. Maiden: (link) Using a Maiden power.
2. Puppet: 
(linkIf invoking a divinity who's aligned with an elemental lord, the one affected will be compelled to act in that element's way for the duration.
3. Realm: (link)
4. Ward: 
(linkActs as a 1st level effect.
5. Other (see Part II)
6. Reroll again, but also apply a matching Food & Drink special quality too (link)

For example, a cleric whose divinity is aligned with a fey lord casts this spell. He gets a 2, so the fey puppet power can be used on his behalf to entice one to indulge in a joy, liberation, or pleasure, even if he doesn't know that power or have a puppet handy.

Magical Side-Effects of Blessings & Curses
Divinities may respond differently to those who call upon them. Roll 1d12 when a Bestow Blessing & Curse spell is cast. The results can then be modified by -3 through +3 depending on how relevant the situation is to the divinity's purview, if others are assisting the invoker with the spell, if an appropriate offering is made, and if the invoker is in especially good or poor standing with the divinity (all per Referee).

1 or less. You Have Been Found Wanting: The divinity will not assist this time. And whenever this result is experienced thrice, the invoker will trigger a blessing & curse test, making such a blessing a curse.

2. Not Fully Aligned: The situation doesn't befit the divinity's full interest, so he or she will only grant the blessing at 1/2 its usual strength. Experiencing this result thrice will also trigger a blessing & curse test.

3. It Will Come: The divinity will grant the benison, but only after 1d20 rounds elapse.

4-9. Fortuitous: The invoker receives the blessing, used on his behalf, which may even curse his enemies.

10-11. Aligned Strongly: The situation has the divinity's full attention, increasing the power granted the invoker by 50%, 100% if it would directly align with the divinity's interests.

12 or more. Intervention Specified: As per Aligned Strongly above, but the invoker can select the result on the d6 for What Occurs above. The Referee still rolls too, and if the result doesn't match the invoker's choice, then it is recorded. For every three times this happens, the invoker will trigger a divine test for not aligning with the divinity's will.

Continuing the example above, the cleric rolls a 1 for a magical side-effect, but since he has another follower of his god nearby praying for the blessing too, the Referee allows it to become a 2. As a result, the fey puppet power can be used on his behalf, but only at 50% of its usual range, duration, and save difficulty. If the cleric was in notable standing or his divinity saw the event as especially important, the roll could be modified further.

Next week: Additional Blessings & Curses Results!