Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Diviners of Ghul-Ghul, Part IV

Advantageous seeming at first, especially since its mysteries allow them to be accessed 1 level earlier and cast at 1 level higher than normal, such divinations soon show their true corruption. Whether used by true cultists or those who otherwise follow other paths, the great power of such magic invariably incurs a greater cost. What else would one expect from a demon lord?

~1st Level~
Detect 'Evil': shows that which Ghul-Ghul doesn't like. Also allows one reroll against those so detected when followers of Ghul-Ghul invariably attack such 'evil' ones, including possibly the caster.
Divine Weather (D): predicts up to 1 day ahead per caster level, but only at 50% accuracy, even when ascertaining current conditions.
Message*: what is said is forever kept by Ghul-Ghul for its own. dark purposes. Cultists have a base 25% chance of being able to access such things.
Read Languages*: any translations are skewed so as to 'Do no evil' (unless Ghul-Ghul says so).

~2nd Level~
Know Alignment: also determines the target's shopping habits, whether the diviner wishes to know them or not.
Auditory Illusion*: can show a visual to go along with it, but prominent advertisements can give it away (subjects can make an INT check in this case).
False Gold*: creates up to 10 gold coins per day per caster level instead, but takes double that amount from either the diviner or his closest associate as payment.

~3rd Level~
Locate Object: gives a bird's eye view of its location, makes it glow, and shows the price for the object compared to similar ones, as well. Discerning the object's actual location requires the diviner making an INT check.
Clairvoyance*: range is 10 miles per caster level and linking only takes 1d6 rounds, but the target must have used Ghul-Ghul's magic within the last 24 hours. Also has a 50% chance of providing sound too, though other users of Ghul-Ghul likewise have a base 50% chance of being able to secretly scry in.
Wall of Payment*: as Wall of Fire, but appears as bright colors, doing no damage. Those who wish to pass must save vs, spell (make a Will save DC 15) or have to pay the caster 1g6 gold pieces per caster level.

~4th Level~
Divination: also marks those in the target area, allowing the diviner to keep track of them for 1d6 turns afterwards. Those who realize it (a WIS check) will hate the diviner for much longer than that.
Arcane Eye*: gives a bird's eye view of the area instead, replete with information that was valid 1d100 months ago.

~5th Level~
Contact Other Plane*: questions other than 'yes' or 'no' can be answered, with Ghul-Ghul even suggesting  questions for the diviner to ask. 'True Answers' are twisted to suit Ghul-Ghul's purposes of course and results of 'Insanity' trigger Ghul-Ghul demon tests instead.

~6th Level~
Find the Path: provides the diviner with a bird's eye view, with the path's distance given in feet, yards, or miles, along with other (irrational) routes. Those disliked by Ghul-Ghul are also made visible from that perspective to encourage vengeance.
Legend Lore*: casting time is only 1d6 turns and can provide information on any subject. It also automatically triggers a demon test.

Next week: Diviners of Ghul-Ghul, Part V!