Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Tyr Encounters, Part II

Temples (Hofs) of Tyr

Form (d6)
A dutiful dwelling is required for pure faith.
1-4. Chapel
5-6. Stave Church

Node (a Natural Place of Power, see Volume II)
- Chance of hof actually being located in one (5%)
- Chance of hof having one nearby instead (15%)

Sacred Space (d20)
The area will reflect one or more Tyrian tenet.

1-2. Be prepared to give whatever is necessary in the name of the Law 
3-4. Keep one’s word, even unto death
5-6. Purge that which is unclean before Lord Tyr’s eyes
7-8. Bring fiery doom to all witches
9-10. An idle wit leads to the heretic’s spit
11. War
12. Germanic Leader, Sky Father
13. The T Rune
14-20. All are emphasized

Special Properties (for all of Tyr's hofs)
At the Hof: Any pure and dutiful Norse can gain a +1d3 bonus to rolls that reflect its sacred space (per table above) while here, up to 3 times per day. 
Sacred Times: When it is sacred to Tyr at the hof- important duties, great sacrifices, and/or noble battles, all pure and dutiful Norse spellcasters can reroll their magical side-effects, up to 3 times per day, but must take the second result. Those who specifically follow Tyr can even pick which magical side-effect results they wish to use, though they should be happy with whatever Tyr gives them. 

Special Temple (Hof) Inhabitants
Honored defenders help serve the will of Tyr, and are fittingly focused.

Norse guardians (2d6, 50% chance)
Mve: 40’, AC 5, HD 1+1, Attk: 1, Dmg: 1d6 (spear), SP: +1 per odd level when protecting Tyr's sacred places, Sve: F1, AL: L

Witch Hunters (1d6, 33% chance)
Mve: 40’, AC 8, HD 1+1, Attk: 1, Dmg: 1d8 (long sword), SP: +1 to all rolls vs. magic-users and supernatural beings, Sve: F1, AL: L

Captive Fenris Wolf (1, 5% chance)
Mve: 80’, AC 1, HD 3d6, Atk: 1 bite, Dmg: 1d10+HD, SP: cause fear (save vs. spell negates), magic weapons required to hit, SV F(per HD), AL C.

None else.


It is a stave church: Purity Church.
Its focus is: Purge that which is unclean before Lord Tyr’s eyes.
At the hof: +1 to all rolls related to its focus for pure and dutiful Norse.
Sacred times: 
great sacrifices, noble battles.

Map by Håkon Christie, Wikimedia Commons

Fencing around the Church: Protects from interlopers, the opening in the west is guarded by 4 Norse guardians.They will challenge any who display non-lawful tendencies (not tucking in their shirt, etc.- see Volume I for more).

Portal: Doors grant access to the church from the north, west, and south.

Sval: 2 Norse guardians are stationed at these locations, looking for any troublemakers. They can move to assist and/or be assisted by those at the west portal too (see above).

Omgang: Hallway.

Midtrom: In this middle room, 3 witch hunters stand solemnly with the 3d4 other Norse devotees in attendance.

Kor: The choir sings with precision. 7 members, with 2 being Norse guardians and 1 being a witch hunter.

Apsis: Herein at the apse, Ulfrik Sigbjornsson (from Part I) stands behind an altar, preaching at any who enter, especially about bringing fiery doom upon all witches.

Next week: Quests of Tyr, in Part III!