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Tyr Encounters, Part III

Quests of Tyr
Who has the mettle to do what's right? Roll 1d20.

1-2. Be prepared to give whatever is necessary in the name of the Law: One party member's father (who happens to be a giant) has an enormous keg that is required by the Gods. It must be acquired at any cost, even if one's multi-headed grandmother intervenes (a base 75% chance).

3-4. Keep one’s word, even unto death: The next quest a party member agrees to must be completed, even if they and the rest of the party die trying. To do otherwise would be to provoke a divine test of Tyr.

5-6. Purge that which is unclean before Lord Tyr’s eyes: A new establishment is enjoying phenomenal success, employing new folk and even keeping the riff-raff in line. Unfortunately for them, a follower of Tyr has decided that, due to its serving too much heavy drink, it must be burned to the ground with any riff-raff along with it.

7-8. Bring fiery doom to all witches: Use of magic in a public place draws the attention of a witch hunter (see Volume I). He will follow the user and those who accompany, waiting for the right time to 'acquire them for questioning'.

9-10. An idle wit leads to the heretic’s spit: Merriment is fine until one goes too far. Some might debate on what that is, but Tyr will make it final, bestowing a -1d4 penalty to all rolls made by the latest jokester in the party, if not player, for the next hour.

11. War: Odin espouses cunning, Thor, strength, but Tyr makes one ready for pure battle. 2d4 ulfhednar arrive to show how it is done, though in this case, no special tactics nor strength bonuses may be used by either side as they melee the party.

12. Germanic Leader, Sky Father: Lawful tendencies (detailed in Volume I) are the right way to be, granting those who follow them a +1d4 bonus to all rolls for the next 1d4 hours, 2d4 for both if it happens to be a Tuesday.

13. The T Rune: Victory is absolute and necessary. A sword bearing such a rune is found, granting +2 to hit as well as  double damage whenever a hit is scored, but loss of the wielder's next turn when it is not. Victory might thus be elusive.

14-20. All are emphasized: Reroll twice, but make sure any combinations remain orderly.

Heathen Hamlet

Some arrangements must give way to one's higher duty. One of the party's mothers (or other female relative), named Svanhild unless otherwise known, has been taken by their father's (or other male relative's) apparent killer. They are rumored to be hiding in a hamlet along a river. Investigation may lead to the area below.

Map by
Largest buildings are about 50' long.

Location 1
The settlement on the south side of the river consists of trading posts and workshops. A functional arrangement, it is unlikely that the pair would be hiding here. The locals know not of that, though they do warn that the settlement to the north has grown strange of late, with those people suspected of following something darker.

Location 2
The bridges spanning the nearly 100' wide river are old and rickety, though still serviceable. Those attempting to run across or put great weight upon them risk a base 5% partial collapse chance though.

Location 3
Here in the hamlet proper, villagers stare at any strangers and quickly move away. In the center pediment lies 3 slain chickens, left as some blood offering. 

In time or if the party soon starts pressing the villagers, the mother (or other female relative) of the party member emerges, looking mirthful and in good health. She will insist that, if they come in peace, they are welcome to stay the night, but  she is "oh so happy here" and will not return with them.

Suspicious party members may question her immediately, others may play it coy. In the former case, she and the villagers will attack if sorely pressed, or in the latter, she will drug the party's food in order to capture them (save vs. poison/ make a Fortitude save DC 15 or fall unconscious in 2d3 rounds. 

Whether done by the one who captured her or if it was always the case, she is now a trollkona who follows Hel (link).

Svanhild (or whatever the name of the female relative is)
Lvl 4 Norse trollkona of Hel, Align: C, MV: 40’, AC: 9, HD: 4, HP: 11, Atk: 1, Dmg: 1d3 (curved knife), SP: trollkona abilities Spells prepared:
   1st Level: Cure Light Wounds (reverse), Create Water (reverse), Sleep* (filled with nightmares)
   2nd Level: Stinking Cloud*, Feign Death (D)
SV: C4, Mor: 7, Items: holy symbol, dark garments, curved knife, 21 silver pieces. 
Main Emphasis: Remain hidden. Appearance: blond hair, medium build, pale complexion.

Deranged Villagers x15
MV: 40’, AC 9, HD 1-1, Atk: 1, Dmg: 1d5 (farm implement), SP: +3 to all saves when deranged around Svanhild, SV: F1, Mor: 11 (3 if Svanhild falls), AL: C

Location 4
This suspiciously isolated and suspiciously dark cottage is located suspiciously close to the woods. Inside will be the possessions of Svanhild, along with herself if not defeated already. Then, depending on the actual reason for her 'abduction, it can be determined  who or what else might be found there (roll 1d4).
[1] She was captured by the man who killed her husband, and turned to Hel for her salvation. His corpse has a 75% chance of being found.
[2] She ran off with the man who killed her husband, and he turned her to following Hel. He has a 75% chance being found here alive and having similar powers to her.
[3] She was a trollkona before, lured or grew tired of the man who killed her husband here, and slew him. His corpse has a 100% chance of being found and a 50% chance of being a zombie too.
[4] She was a trollkona before and had her lover killer her husband. There's a 50% chance of her lover being here. Treat him as a 1+1 HD deranged villager.

Followers of Tyr would take great interest in such a concerning place.

Next week: our series on divinity encounters from Volume I concludes with Zeus!