Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Lords of Realms, Part II

Harnessing the power of lords of supernal realms doesn't come without risk. Those who do so can face such tests, whether they travel to such realms or not.

Realm Tests
1-7. Oh, the places that know you. The wayfarer loses access to all his powers and spells (not just his realm ones). He also emits an aura of the realm he follows for the next 4d6 hours. Treat as Conjure Realm (see Part I), but it follows him wherever he goes, having a range of 1d6 x 60', and its characteristics change every 1d3 hours (reroll on the realm table). Once it ends, then his powers and spells will be returned to him.

8-12. The wayfarer begins to increase his association with the realm with which he works even when not there, gaining solace against that which it opposes. And though he enjoys a cumulative bonus to saves as a result, he also suffers a cumulative -2 penalty to all Charisma rolls made with those not associated with that realm each time he experiences this test too. 
  Angelic Realms: +2 to saves vs. those who are cruel or disruptive.
  Fey Realms: +2 to saves vs. those who are cruel or limiting.
  Elemental Realms: +2 to saves vs. those who are cold, hot, airy, wet, or dry (pick one based on which opposes the latest elemental type the wayfarer worked with).
  Demonic Realms: +2 to saves vs. those who are kind or limiting.
  Devilish Realms: +2 to saves vs. those who are kind or disruptive.

13-17. A being from the realm the wayfarer works with comes to pay him a visit. It will arrive within 1d6 hours and remain for 3d6 more, acting according to its nature, accompanying the wayfarer, whether for weal or for woe.
Realm Being
MV: 60’, AC 2, HD 1 per wayfarer's level, Atk: 1, Dmg: 1d6 (+2 per wayfarer's level), SP: realm save bonuses (see above), use of wayfarer's powers and spells, SV: F1 per wayfarer's level, Mor: 10, AL: per type

18+ Whether the wayfarer would wish it to, his realm comes to visit. A portal to the realm of the type he works with opens for 2d6 hours per realm test result over 17. During this time, treat it as test results #1-7 above except that the Conjure Realm effect remains static. A realm being (per test results #13-17 or selected as appropriate by the Referee) also has a 25% chance of emerging every 2d6 turns too. If using results #13-17, such beings will have random HD and damage, each acting as if they were visiting a level 1d12 wayfarer rather than just using the level of the wayfarer who caused the test. They will have 1d6 matching Conjure Realm uses available and also know 1d8 corresponding realm spells too.

Realm Spells
Spellcasters who work with lords of realms can exchange spells they know for realm spells of the same level.

Spells marked "(AF)" are only available for those who work with Angelic or Fey Lords.
Spells marked "(DD)" are only available for those who work with Demonic or Devilish Lords.
Spells marked "(Elem)" are only available for those who work with Elemental Lords of the appropriate type for the spell- fire, air, water, earth, or frost.
Spells marked "(rev)" are always used in the normal way by those who work with Angelic Lords, are always reversed for those who work with Demonic Lords, and are reversible for workers with Fey or Devilish Lords. Whether they are reversed or not for those who work with Elemental Lords is per Referee.
Spells marked '(D)' are druid spells.
Spells marked '(*)' are magic-user spells.

1st Level
1. Cure Light Wounds (rev)
2. Detect Evil: shows those who are directly oppositional to their supernatural lord (angelic vs. demonic; fey vs. devilish; fire vs. cold, etc.)
3. Detect Magic: detects that of travel and of other planes.
4. Sanctuary
5. Protection from Evil (rev)
6. Purify Food and Drink (rev)
7. Remove Fear (rev)
8. Hold Portal*

2nd Level
1. Bless (rev)
2. Delay Poison (AF)
3. Find Traps
4. Know Alignment
5. Hold Person
6. Holy Chant
7. Resist Fire (AF)
8. Silence 15' Radius (AF, Elem)
9. Spiritual Weapon (wielded by a phantom being of that realm)
10. Fire Trap (D, DD, Elem)
11. Heat Metal (D, Elem)
12. Obscuring Mist (D)
13. Stumble/Trip (D)
14. Warp Wood  (D, DD, Elem)
15. Arcane Lock*
16. Knock*
17. Ray of Enfeeblement* (DD, Elem)
18. Rope Trick*
19. Scare* (DD)
20. Stinking Cloud* (Elem)

3rd Level
1. Continual Light (rev)
2. Cure Blindness (rev)
3. Cure Disease (rev)
4. Dispel Magic
5. Glyph of Warding
6. Remove Curse (rev)
7. Plant Growth
8. Protection from Fire
9. Stone Shape (D, Elem)
10. Water Breathing (D, Elem)
11. Fire Ball (Elem)
12. Gust of Wind (Elem)
13. Lightning Bolt (Elem)
14.  Tiny Hut

Next week: Lords of Realms concludes with Realm Divinities and Encounters!