Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Lords of Blessings & Curses, Part III

Blessing & Curse Tests
What one asks for may not be all that's provided.

1-4. The Bestow Blessing & Curse spell will be barred from the petitioner for the next 1d3 days. Similar spells may still work (a 66% chance), though they remain subject to their own divine tests.

5-12. Forsooth, the next blessing or curse the petitioner casts is reversed. A target intended blessed is now cursed with the opposite effect. Vice versa for the one to be so cursed. Boon and bane shift by the judgment of the gods.

13-17. Someone else answers the call. A different lord's blessing or curse occurs instead, determined at random. For example, what would have been angelic is now fey or elemental or worse. 

18+ The petitioner must act as an agent for a blessing or curse for another, being so occupied for the next 4d6 hours per blessing & curse test result over 17. He has a base 85% chance of returning, minus 5% for every blessing & curse test result over 17 too. Still, he will suffer 1d12 -1 hit points in damage, have expended 1d8 random spells, along with 1d100 gold pieces if he does so.

Divinities & Cults of Blessings & Curses
All the gods can bestow blessings & curses. What their usual lord associations are follows.

Greek & Roman
Aphrodite / Venus: fey & elemental fire & water
Apollo: angelic & elemental fire
Ares / Mars: demonic & elemental fire
Artemis / Dianafey & elemental earth
Athena / Minerva: angelic
Demeter / Ceres: angelic & elemental earth
Dionysus / Bacchus: fey & demonic
Hades / Dis Pater: devilish & elemental earth
Hecate/ Trivia: angelic & demonic or devilish
Hephaestus / Vulcan: elemental fire & earth
Hera / Juno: angelic & devilish
Hermes / Mercury: angelic & fey
Hestia / Vesta: angelic
Poseidon / Neptune: fey & elemental water
Zeus / Jupiter: angelic & elemental air

Norse & Anglo-Saxon
Freya / Freoangelic, fey, & elemental fire
Freyr: angelic & fey
Heimdall: angelic
Hel / Hellia: demonic, & elemental cold
Hretha / Sigyn: fey & elemental air
Iðunn / Eostre: fey & elemental water
Jord / Eorde: angelic & elemental earth
Loki: fey & devilish or demonic
Odin / Woden: angelic & elemental air
Skadi: angelic & elemental cold
Sif / Sib: angelic & elemental earth
Surtur: devilish & elemental fire
Thor / Thunor: angelic & elemental earth or air
Thrym: demonic & elemental cold
Tyr / Tiw: angelic

Arawn: angelic & devilish
Arianrhod: elemental air & devilish
Balordemonic & elemental fire
Bran: angelic & elemental earth
Brigid: angelic & elemental fire
Ceridwen: angelic or fey & demonic
Cernunnoselemental earth & fey
the Dagda: angelic or fey & elemental earth
Danu: fey, elemental earth, & elemental water
Gwydion: fey & elemental air
Lughangelic & fey
Manannan mac Lir: fey & elemental water
the Morrighan: fey or angelic & demonic

Ilmarinen: angelic & elemental earth
Ilmatar: fey & elemental air
Lemminkainen: angelic & fey
Louhi: devilish & demonic 
Mielikki: fey & elemental earth
Ukko: angelic & elemental air
Vainamoinenangelic & elemental air

Baba Yaga: devilish & fey
Dazbog: fey & elemental fire
Ladafey & elemental fire & water
Mokosh: angelic & elemental earth & water
Morana: devilish, demonic, & elemental cold
Perun: angelic & elemental air & water
Svarog: angelic & elemental air & fire
Veles: fey & demonic

Balor: demonic & devilish
Glycon: angelic & demonic
Johnny Applesneeze: devilish & demonic
Nergal: demonic & devilish
Orcus: demonic
Tezschnaz: demonic & devilish
Unharmonia: demonic & devilish

Lost in the Woods
A Lords of Blessings & Curses Encounter

For some (infernal) reason, the party can't seem to find their way out of the next forest they happen to be in. After traveling roughly an hour (3 miles) in any direction, they wind up back where they started. Escaping might become quite a project. 

Possible solutions include:

1. Follow the Flow: The party may stumble across a stream or other body of water- and likely need one to survive if they are trapped for days or longer. Following it might break the spell if the Referee is feeling generous.

2. Waving Iron Around: A bane against faeries, this is a devilish effect keeping them here, so the party may not have much luck with it.

3. Descending One's Throne, Leaving One's Body Alone: True humility and surrender to the gods may actually dispel the magic, if not the Referee's will to torment the party further this way.

4. Clicking One's Heels Together, and the Like: Again more likely to work with fey effects, the One Who Cursed the Party may instead offer some (infernal) deal to allow them to leave this locational prison for a contractual one.

5. Other Spells: Again, depending on how serious the Referee wishes to make the encounter, even divinatory or transportative magic might not even save the party. Any auguries simply reply with 'trapped' and any teleportations simply brings one back to the forest again.

6. The Source: Likely the best chances are for the party to find the cottage of their unseen malefactor. Whether this leads to their demise (and hopeful ascension to an afterlife) or actually defeating their foe, it is the most likely way they will become free.

The One Who Cursed the Party
MV: 40’, AC 8*, HD 9, HP: 62, Atk: 1, Dmg: 1d4+3 (+3 curved knife), SP: 9th
 level noita of Louhi (see Volume IV), is using a devilish blessing & curse spell with at least triple duration (and thereby making it ongoing) to entrap the party within the forest, she is also protected by a devilish ward vs. those who are free (likely effective since the party wishes to no longer be trapped in the forest- link), as well as additional spells and powers per Referee, SV: C9, Mor: 11, AL: C Items: +3 curved knife, other items per Referee, remains and treasure of her many other victims too.

Next week: our series continues with Lords of Blastings!