Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Hel Encounters, Part I

Followers of Hel

Some follow some of her tenets, some follow many or all. What they decide can also affect the mysteries, magical side-effects, and divine test results available from Volume I.

Main Emphasis (d12)
1. Bring death upon those chosen by Hel
2. Spread disease when needed, it aids in death
3. Stop the spread of people, famine is an invaluable tool
4. There is also a time for sloth, it slows life
5. Remain hidden
6. Witchcraft (Trolldomur/ 
7. The Underworld (Niflheim/ Eljudnir)
8. Snakes, monsters
9-12. Two-faced, dual nature of death/ life (reroll twice)

For example, if a cleric of Hel's focus is to stop the spread of people, famine is an invaluable tool, she could drain life from food stores and farmlands, eliminating what would feed 1d3 people per level of the spell she uses, rather than directly from people's hit points as described in Volume I. Similarly, instead of possibly fleeing in terror at her magic (as in Magical Side-Effect #4), those affected could become starving and destroy all food and growing things that they touch while the duration lasts.


Female Classes (90% chance, d20)
1-6. Cleric 
7-13. Priestess
14-15. Volva/ Seidkona (seer/ shamaness, see link)
16-20. Trollkona/ Haliuruna (witch, see below)

Male Classes (10% chance, d12)
1-5. Cleric 
6-8. Priest
9-12. Trollman (male witch, see below)

Hair Color (d8)
1-2. White
3-4. Blond
5. Red
6. Brown
7-8. Black

Build (d6)
1-4. Slender
5. Medium
6. Stocky

Complexion (d8)
1-6. Pale
7. Fair
8. Medium

Garb (d8)
1-4. Dark robes
5-6. Dark garments
7. Red & black robes
8. Red & black garments

Main Weapon (d4)
1. Whip
2. Flail
3. Dagger
4. Net

Special Qualities (percent chance)
See Volume I for Hel divine test results. These can be adjusted by the Helian follower's main emphasis too.
- Dark cloud of Nifhel, per Hel divine test result #11 (13% per level)
- Chance to animate nearby dead, per Hel divine test result #12 (12% per level)
- Unlife of the Party, per Hel divine test result #14 (10% per level)
- Quite Undead-like, per Hel divine test result #16 (8% per level)
- Greater Blessing of Undeath, per Hel divine test result #17 (6% per level)

Sample Cleric-Types of Hel
Halldis Sigeheredottir, Lvl 6 Norse priestess of Hel, Align: N, MV: 40', AC 9, HD: 6, HP: 32, Attk: 1 (whip), Dmg: 1d4, SP: priestess abilities, spells prepared (1st: Cure Light Wounds (reverse), Create Water (reverse), Light (reverse or as a creepy green one), Purify Food and Drink (reverse), Sleep* (filled with nightmares), 2nd Level: Bless (reverse), Hold Person (petrified with fright), Silence (depressing) 15’ radius, Amnesia*, Stinking Cloud*, 3rd Level: Animate Dead, Insect Swarm (D); also quite undead-like (immune to charm, but must drink blood daily), SV: C6, Mor: 7, Items: holy symbol, dark robes, whip, dagger, 40 gold pieces. Main Emphasis: Bring death upon those chosen by HelAppearance: white hair, slender build, pale complexion.

Skuld IridottirLvl 3 Norse trollkona of Hel, Align: C, MV: 40’, AC: 8, HD: 3, HP: 8, Atk: 1 (dagger), Dmg: 1d4-1, SP: trollkona abilities (see below), Spells prepared (1st: Remove Fear (reverse), Erase*, Shield* (made of darkness), 2nd Level: Feign Death (D), SV: C3, Mor: 9, Items: holy symbol, dark garments, dagger, 11 silver pieces. Main Emphasis: Remain hidden & Witchcraft, Appearance: black hair, stocky build, pale complexion.


Trollkona/ Haliuruna (Norse/ Gothic witch)
* Treat as clerics, except that they fight as and have the armor and weapon restrictions of magic-users.
* In return, they can cast any dark or misfortune-causing spells that would be available to spellcasters of their level in lieu of any other spells that they may have prepared from their divinity's list. This ability allows them ongoing access to such magic.
* Still, they must also roll for Trollkona/ Haliruna Magical Side-Effects when casting any spells (see below) in addition to their divinity's ones. These results can be adjusted based on their tradition, or even be substituted for/ combined with those of the Volva/ Seidkona, per Referee.

Trollkona/ Haliuruna Magical Side-Effects (d6)
1d3 of the following must be done in order to make the spell work. Roll a d6 three times: repeat rolls indicate that less requirements are needed. Getting triple rolls at once indicates bad tidings though, and the trollkona or haliuruna will experience a divine test along with the spell's effects. 

1. Use special herbs.
2. Hold a personal item of the spell's target.
3. Drink or do something morbid.
4. Read from her black book or wield her personal magic object (gandar).
5. Sit out (utiseta) for the next 1d3 nights.
6. Be possessed by a spirit for 3d6 rounds (save vs. death / Will save DC 15 to resist it taking control; 13% chance of it being quote evil).

Next week: Temples of Hel in Part II!