Wednesday, April 10, 2024

Lords of Wards, Part II

What might be kept out might not resolve what's within.

Warding Tests
1-4. How much time to spare? The warder becomes (overly?) cautious for the next 1d3 days, causing his ward spells to each take 1d12 rounds longer to cast. If he experiences this test again while it's still in effect, then the time required is compounded (2d12, 3d12 extra rounds to cast, etc.) for the duration.

5-7. What the warder would resist becomes increasingly trying, even under normal circumstances. When exposed to what he last cast a warding spell against (e.g. cruelty, disorder, jerkishness, etc.), the warder must save vs. death/ make a Will save DC 10 or suffer a -3 penalty to all rolls. This test lasts for the next 1d3 days, though if experienced while the same is still in effect, it becomes permanent. Perhaps its time for another warding spell?

8-13. The next ward the warder performs (including one that might trigger this test) does the opposite of its intended effect. It either boosts the potency of that which would be restricted, granting a +3 bonus to all of their rolls for the next 2d3 rounds when they come in contact with it, or works as an opposite lord's warding would (angelic vs. demonic, fey vs. devilish, fire elemental vs. frost or water elemental, etc.)
14-17. What would be warded against becomes inexplicably present. The last that the warder cast a spell to stop occurs now with the arrival of a (roll 1d3): [1] puppet, [2] realm, or [3] maiden that would match a lord of that type, remaining for the next 2d6 hours, unless somehow avoided (with more warding?) or eliminated. For example, warding against cruelty might bring a demonic or devilish puppet, realm, or maiden.

18+ The lord that the warder works with sees fit to remove him from that which troubles. He is brought to a matching realm, either angelic, fey, elemental, demonic, or devilish, for 1d3 days per warding test result over 17. The warder then has a base 85% chance of returning, minus 5% for every warding test result over 17. What could be a better warding than that?

Warding Spells
Along with magic that can ward against something using flexible spell levels (see Part I), a few more well known warding spells can be available to learn too. As with that method, these spells can replace those the warder would know. And if using them with warding magical side-effects & tests, the Referee should feel free to make them more flexible too.

Spells marked '(D)' are druid spells.
Spells marked '*' are magic-user spells.

1st Level
Protection from Evil
Resist Cold
Hold Portal*

2nd Level
Silence 15' Radius
Arcane Lock*

3rd Level
Glyph of Warding 
Protection from Normal Missiles*

4th Level
Protection from Evil 10' Radius 
Protection from Electricity (D)
Globe of Invulnerability, Lesser


Next week: Lords of Wards concludes with Warding Divinities and Encounters!