Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Commissars of Uncle Steel Dwarf, Part II

Propaganda (Uncle Steel Dwarf Magical Side-Effects)
The magic of Uncle Steel Dwarf, known as Propaganda, is ruthless and harsh- what better way to force everyone to become Equal, comrade? Roll 1d12 every time a commissar does so.  But remember: failure to follow the orders of any resulting side-effects will make the commissar suspect of Counter-Revolutionary Behavior (see Part III)!

1. Liquidation: Someone has obviously been Counter-Revolutionary and must be shot for the propaganda to work. An intelligent being must be executed, carried out by the commissar with his Equalitarian  Firearm, either at the time of casting or by the next sunset... or else.

2. Redistribution: Uncle Steel Dwarf sees fit to Reallocate the funds of the wealthiest person within 60’ of the commissar at the time of the propaganda’s casting.  Since this means that all of their wealth is then given to the State (effectively gone- save vs. death negates), most commissars generally make sure that they have at least slightly less wealth than any of those around them.

3. Reeducation: Some don’t appear to be as devoted to Equalitarianism as they should be! If the propaganda is helpful, then the recipient must receive (re-)indoctrination into the Correct Way of Thinking, requiring 2d6 turns of listening to speeches and forced applauding, completed before the next sunset. If the propaganda is harmful, then the target is considered Sufficiently Reeducated for now.

4. Proletarian Glory: A hammer, sickle, and/or inverted star symbol must be present for the propaganda to work, and there must be at least some red in it! If a portrait or statue of Uncle Steel Dwarf is also available (the only dwarf permitted to have a mustache), then the propaganda has +50% effect.
5-9. Standard Casting: The propaganda works without side-effect this time, comrade, though remember: Uncle Steel Dwarf is always watching you!

10. Workers’ Paradise: Proletarian hands forge the best! The propaganda works normally. In addition, if the commissar would also like it to have a 50% bonus, then he can have at least 1d3 workers, peasants, or similar types do work nearby to expedite it for 2d3 rounds. Still, they will likely end up also performing slave labor afterwards for the next 2d30 years (a base 66% chance), but such is the price of Equalitarianism.

11-12. Red Terror: The sounds of patriotic, left-wing music rise and the propaganda works automatically for the full effect (though a save still applies, if applicable).  In addition, if the propaganda would harm any Bourgeoisie or other Enemy of the People (property owners, business folk, free-thinkers.- if not known, then there is a base 50% chance) then the propaganda also has a 50% bonus!

Next week: Commissars of Uncle Steel Dwarf, Part III!