Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Priests of Ing, Part II

Magical Side-Effects of Ing
What may be brought together can be magical.

1. Lord of Peace
The magic must be cast in a peaceful, nonviolent manner- how else to enjoy new lands for one's people? If such cannot be done, then a (bloodless) offering worth at least 1d3 gold pieces per spell level will suffice.

2. Noble Way: In the way of Lord Ing, the casting must be upfront and direct, or at least directly serve to bolster the priest's or his lord's noble standing. In the latter case, then cunning can be used. If neither apply, then the spell 
will only occur at 1/2 its usual strength.

3. Sacred Enclosure: What better place to be than where the Gods smile and prosperity flows? If not located at such holy ground when the spell is cast, then it will 
just happen 1d3 turns later. Still, if the priest would consecrate the area immediately after, then that will also do.

4. Ing-land: An Anglo-Saxon place can offer much succor. If the priest is currently in a land claimed by his people, then any healing, fertility, and/or pleasure rolls will gain a +2 bonus for the next 3d4 rounds. 

5-8. Fertile Mark: Other than perhaps some sign of weal and bounty (a 33% chance), the spell works without side-effect this time.

9-10. Barrow Mound: The hoard of folk and realm lives just below. As long as it is done near a hill or burial mound, the magic gains a 
50% bonus to its effect, range, or duration from the helpful attention of the ylfe (Anglo-Saxon elves). If not, the spell still works normally, although the priest will suffer a -1d3 to all rolls for the next 2d4 turns instead, thanks to their revenge.

11. Over the Wet Way: First to arrive upon his wain, Ing's priest will be rewarded. If cast before any foes have had a chance to act, or with some other notable initiative, then 
its effect, range, or duration can be doubled.

12. Sacred Union: Love conjoins, making all things possible. The spell occurs 
for twice its usual effect, range, or duration, and it is not expended so it can be cast again that day. Alternatively, if the priest lies with a priestess of Ing (or similar) within 1d6 turns of the casting, then one of those elements may be tripled.

Select magical side-effects 
of Ing's can be replaced with those of animals held most sacred to him, engendering bounty and fertility in a more primal way.

Boar Totem: (link)

Horse Totem: (link)

Next week: priests of Ing, part III!