Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Clerics of Uni (Part I)

Lawful Etruscan Great Goddess of the Sky
Tenets of Uni
* Everything happens for a reason, though what that is can only be guessed at by mortals
* Perform the proper rituals to gain a better understanding of the Gods' Will
* Live a prosperous life of leisure and civil community
* Irritate Romans with scandalous behavior too

Clerics of Uni
Special: Clerics of Uni are also known as haruspices (sing. haruspex). See Divinities and Cults: Volume II for additional details on them and Etruscan Religion.
Allowed Weapons: Staff, dagger
Allowed Armor: None
Holy Symbol: Peacock, Cow (not a little unicorn!)
Can Turn: Those not in accordance with the Will of the Gods (if not known: 55% chance if target is humanoid; 0% if wildlife; 45% otherwise)
Universal Mysteries: Clerics of Uni can gain a +4 bonus to casting divinatory spells after being able to consult the sky omens for at least 1d6 minutes first, up to once per day per level.