Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Moneychangers of Geedeepee, Part I

Lawful (Evil) Arch-Devil of Greed & Fiat Currency

Cult Edicts of Geedeepee
* Accrue wealth & possessions, no matter what the cost
* Take advantage of others whenever possible
* And consume all that you can from Nature too

Moneychangers of Geedeepee
Special: Geedeepee is served by a unique type of cleric known as the moneychanger.
Allowed Weapons: Cane or scepter (as mace)
Allowed Armor: None, though the wearing of fancy clothes is encouraged.
Unholy Symbols: Money & Greedy Folk, Arrows Angling Up, Bears & Bulls
Can Turn: Any who owe another money (if not known, a base 50% chance in civilized areas).
Mysteries of Geedeepee: Up to once per day per level, a moneychanger can transmute 3d20 gold coins into an amount of Golden Promises temporarily valued at 1d6+4 x 10% more. These promissory notes are much easier to carry around and must be accepted by those who would otherwise be paid in actual coin, though a save vs. spell (or Will save DC 15) resists such duplicity. Once taken, their value immediately drops to 1d10 x 10% less- much to the chagrin of their holders, depending on the fickle nature of Geedeepee.

Next week: Moneychangers, Part II!