Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Sorcerers of Krampus, Part III

Krampus is eternally watchful: knowing whether his sorcerers are sleeping or awake. (photo: Krampus2 by media digest, Flickr)

Divine Tests
Naughtiness runs rampant and unwhipped, while Yuletide is dishonored with gaudy baubles and incessant mirth! If the sorcerer won’t put a stop to it, then Krampus will.

1-4. Happy holidays? Ha. The sorcerer experiences a true Yule Greeting in the form of a penalty to all his rolls equal to his divine test result (-1 to -4), double (-2 to -8) if he sees one more idiot with a wrapped gift or ridiculous look of merriness upon his stupid face. The penalties last for 2d3 hours, though the resentment is eternal.

5-9. ‘Tis the spirit of the season for Grandfather Krampus to take away the sorcerer’s presents for no reason. Krampus removes access to some of his spells: 50% chance for each one, including possibly his turn ability. Roll 1d5 for each to see what needs to be done to get it back- and he better not pout about it!
[1] Shove coal in the next stocking he sees, whether it is being worn at the time or not (charcoal is allowed- bonus if it’s hot at the time)
[2] Destroy 1d4+1 presents- any prized possessions will do
[3] Stuff someone in a chimney or other enclosed place, especially if they are fat and ‘jolly’
[4] Burn any ornaments or overpriced novelty cards he finds (including magic scrolls and spellbooks) for the next 1d3 hours
[5] Sing or play a depressing Yule dirge for the next hour, causing all non-faithful of Krampus who are within earshot to suffer a -2 to all rolls for the next 1d3 hours (save vs. death negates)

10-14. Krampus has checked his list twice and found the sorcerer worthy of permanent physical disfigurement! Each change also has a cumulative 25% chance of causing anyone he now encounters (and is not also a follower of Krampus) to either scream and flee in terror (if of lower HD) or scream and attack mercilessly (if of equal or higher HD). Ho ho ho!
[1] Agorned: the sorcerer grows either the horns of a goat or antlers of a reindeer and can now make a gore attack for 1d6 damage each round, double if he is charging someone naughty at the time
[2] Misshapen Face: the sorcerer’s face twists and boils, causing all (even those of equal HD or higher) to save vs. paralysis when they first encounter him or flee for 1d4 rounds
[3] Fanged: great teeth sprout from the sorcerer’s mouth, allowing him to make a bite attack for 1d3 damage each round, but also making him harder to understand (causing a -4 penalty to such rolls) 
[4] Fur Body: the sorcerer becomes quite hirsute, gaining an AC bonus of 3 and immunity to cold weather, though he now also suffers a -2 to all rolls when it’s warm or if anyone tries to decorate him

15-17. Darker tidings now come upon a midnight clear (or anytime really), bringing true Yuletide cheer to Krampus’s wintry heart, though perhaps not the sorcerer’s. Roll 1d4.
[1] Stampede: 3d6 enraged reindeer show up, ready to trample all who remain within 120’ of where this test occurs, and they cannot be placated. They will target any intoxicated grandmothers first of course.
     Reindeer, Enraged; MV: 80’; AC: 6; HD: 2; Atk: 1 trample; Dmg: 2d6; SP: Immune to magic, carrots
[2] Schnapps Weakness: From now on, if the sorcerer drinks fruit brandy in any amount (or is even offered it by an attractive woman), then he will lose all of his powers until they return 24 hours later, along with a base 95% chance of getting a hangover too
[3] Damn you, mistletoe! A perchta arrives to test the sorcerer. Also known as a holda or huldra, such fair maidens can lift even the darkest hearts, though they can also be as much deadly sirens as loving muses. If he’s been a good follower of Krampus (per Referee), then the two will conjoin for the next 1d3 hours, the sorcerer gains 5% bonus experience, and he is healed of all ailment. If he’s been naughty though. then she will slit his belly open and fill it full of straw and pebbles, causing 10d6 damage.

18+ On the first day of Yule... A swarm of overly merry beings converges on the sorcerer, attacking him for 1d6 damage each round for 1d6 rounds, along with anyone else unfortunate enough to be within 30’. Such is the carnage when doves, hens, calling birds, geese, swans, maids, ladies, lords, pipers, and drummers seek retribution upon such a follower of Krampus. And for every divine test total over 18, the deadly cacophony does 1d6 extra damage per round. In any case, those slain in this manner will be mocked by a lone partridge upon a pear tree.

Next week: Sorcerers of Krampus, Part IV