Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Commissars of Uncle Steel Dwarf, Part III

Counter-Revolutionary Behavior (Uncle Steel Dwarf Divine Tests)
1-4. Investigate. Who is Collaborating with Capitalists and Imperialists? The commissar better hope it’s not him! To make sure, he will look into others’ behavior, taking a -1 penalty per Counter-Revolutionary Behavior result (-1 to -4), double if he actually sympathizes (-2 to -8) for the next 1d6 hours.

5-9. Indoctrinate. Propaganda is the sharpest and strongest weapon of Equalitarianism and must be put to best use! The commissar loses access to some of his propaganda (50% chance for each one) possibly including his turn ability until he demonstrates his Correct Dedication to Equalitarian Ideals. Roll 1d6 for each to determine what he must do in order to get it back:
[1] Get at least 2d4 HD of Proletarians (laborers or peasants) to rise up against their masters, unless of course if those masters are Equalitarian. In this latter case, they have a 66% chance of actually needing to be imprisoned instead or even shot if they are deemed Kulaks- ‘affluent’ laborers or peasants.
[2] Compel two individuals of different races or even species to interbreed. Willingness of the participants and success of the coupling are Irrelevant- that they are working to make everyone Equal is all that matters! In any case, resulting offspring will be given to serve the State.
[3] Confiscate all the possessions from the next person you see in the Name of Uncle Steel Dwarf! If the person is Equalitarian, then he or she is of course given a pass; just confiscate all possessions from the next person you see. 
[4] Insult an Opiate of the Masses (a cleric) or violate a temple of another divinity. Fear not any reprisals: how many armies do they have?
[5] Disrupt a Capitalist Enclave (place of business). Feel free to beat them with anything that they would sell you.
[6] ‘Correctly’ count the votes of an election, secretly monitor a conversation, or disrupt a demonstration. Undermine some democratic custom or movement in order to force the people to have what’s best for them, whether they want it or not! (see Wyrd Ways of Walstock for details on how schemes of another cult might unfold.)

10-14. Liquidate. Death solves all Problems and the commissar has a new Problem to solve. With the power of his Equalitarian Firearm he must execute one individual and cannot use his propaganda for any other task until it is done. Who that should be officially depends on their type of Counter-Revolutionary Behavior, but commissars are good at finding fault with nearly anyone. Roll 1d6.
[1] a Capitalist (merchant, etc.)
[2] an Opiate of the Masses (cleric. etc.)
[3] an Imperialist (lawful, non-Equalitarian person)
[4] a Dissident (anyone currently not in the good graces of Uncle Steel Dwarf, a base 75% chance)
[5] Purge the entire family of one of the above. Reroll 1d5: in the case of another result of 5, expand to include the individual’s local community, then region, country, etc.
[6] Books, scrolls, or an object that is deemed Counter-Revolutionary.

15-16. Order 227. Trust no one, not even yourself, Comrade! Now it is an Equalitarian or servant of one who has been found Guilty of Counter-Revolutionary Behavior. Any the commissar knows (or very much suspects!) who has ever surrendered, fled, or even fell back in battle from non-Equalitarians must be shot, including himself. This is why, when it comes to the servants of Uncle Steel Dwarf, it takes more courage to retreat than to advance.

17+ Non-person. Unless he can find another to Officially Condemn and take his place within the next 1d6 rounds (requiring someone else present, a compelling argument, and a Charisma check that is increased by 3 for every Counter-Revolutionary Behavior Result over 17), the commissar is himself shot, becoming just another statistic. What is more, his entire existence is also erased, all record and memory. It would appear that the commissar’s evil has caught up with him, though the many that he had harmed and slain unfortunately continue to remain so.

Next week: Commissars of Uncle Steel Dwarf, Part IV!