Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Clerics of Sobek, Part II

Divine Tests (Sobek)
Sobek will bite into his faithful: will it destroy them or have them come out stronger?

1-4. The cleric becomes better acquainted with Sobek’s pointed teeth. He takes 1d2 damage per divine test result (1d2 to 4d2), extra (1d4 to 4d4) if he shows any fear when it occurs, requiring a WIS or Morale check.

5-9. Sobek hungers! Unless the cleric does two of the following by the next sunrise, the Crocodile God will consume some of his spells (50% chance for each one) including possibly his turn ability, making him unable to use them. Roll 2d6 to see what the cleric needs to do:
[1] Mate with an attractive mate, one that has a CHA of at least 14 + 1d4
[2] Bask in the sun for 2d3 turns
[3] Guard the immediate area (120’ from where this test takes place) for 1 hour, attacking any non-crocodiles or faithful of Sobek that come too close
[4] Bite someone who doesn’t properly fear crocodiles, causing at least 3d4 damage to them
[5] Swim in a river for at least 2d3 turns
[6] Kill and eat someone within 1 hour, whether they are properly afraid or not
If unsuccessful, then the spells are lost for the next 6d6 hours- after a while, crocodile!

10-14. A servant of Sobek should look like one! The cleric changes permanently. Each result also causes him to have a cumulative 25% chance of needing to kill and eat a fresh meal every 3 hours, along with the listed benefits and other possible drawbacks. Otherwise, he’s always considered to be a monster by the uninitiated. Roll 1d4.
[1] Crocodile Head: Treat as if the cleric is always wearing his Sobek mask, allowing him to also make 1 bite attack for 1d6 damage per round, as well as causing all prey animals to flee in fear when they spot him.
[2] Crocodile Senses: The cleric can see, smell, and hear with a +4 bonus, +8 if he is submerged or otherwise hidden at the time.
[3] Crocodile Tail & Feet: The cleric can swim at his normal land speed, hold his breath for 1 hour at a time, and also gains a +4 bonus to resist being pushed around or grappled.
[4] Crocodile Hide: The cleric’s AC improves by 4, though his speed is reduced by 10’.

15-17. Now the cleric of Sobek must undergo a greater challenge! Roll 1d3.
[1] Hunt the Crocodile Hunter: The cleric must find and kill one who hunts crocodiles or even worse, tries to tame them and keep them as pets! The cleric must work towards finding this individual for at least 4d4 hours, preferably feeding him to said crocodiles if and when he finds him- right, mate?
[2] Children of Sobek: 2d4 ordinary crocodiles, 1d4-1 large crocodiles, and 1d2-1 giant crocodiles show up suddenly, attacking all within sight. Though the cleric can try to avoid their attacks, he must also do his best to protect these children of Sobek from harm and even assist them in their rightful feeding frenzy. They remain for the next 2d3 turns unless they or the cleric are slain.
[3] Hand it to the River King: Most fools would tempt fate by seeing if a crocodile will bite when they put their hand into its mouth. The cleric will now too, risking a 50% chance of one of his hands being immediately bitten off by a phantom one.

18+ An avatar of Sobek arrives, intent on eating many (see Part III for stats)! It remains for 1 day per divine test total over 17, eating (or attempting to eat) all who come within a 1/4 mile radius. The cleric must remain too during this time, assisting the avatar and trying not to get eaten himself, though if that happens, Sobek won’t even shed a crocodile tear.

Next week: clerics of Sobek, Part III