Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Clerics of Hengist & Horsa, Part I

Hengist & Horsa
Anglo-Saxon Gods of Conquest, Victory, & Twinhood

Tenets of Hengist & Horsa
* Expand Anglo-Saxon domains
* Seek victory in any way
* Use guile if necessary
* See the importance of horses & fertility too

Clerics of Hengist & Horsa
Special: Hengist & Horsa are followed by clerics and fighter-wizards (for the latter, see upcoming Volume IV)
Allowed Weapons: Sword, spear, axe, seax
Allowed Armor: Scale or chainmail and shield or lighter
Symbol: Twin Horses, Ships
Can Turn: Those whose lands or lairs they're invading (clerics only).
Mysteries of Hengist & Horsa: Followers of Hengist & Horsa can grant themselves or another either a +2 AC bonus or a +2 bonus to hit for 1d3 rounds. They may do so up to once per day per level. Which is granted is determined at character creation.
Note: Some see Hengist & Horsa just as a demigods or foundational heroes. In such cases, they can only be served by fighter-wizards (who can cast spells up to 5th level and cannot turn, among other things).

Folk Variations
Followers of similar divinities and spirits can be made by adjusting the rules above.

Castor & Pollux: for followers of the Dioscuri, they can be helpful to travelers and sailors in general, wear little or no armor, bear Greco-Roman arms, be able to turn those who would capture them, and have mysteries that grant a +10' speed bonus (even if mounted) or a +2 bonus to saves.

Horse Totem: replace select rules with those here to have followers focused more on their equine spirit nature.

Next week: clerics of Hengist & Horsa, Part II!