Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Lords of Puppets, Part III

Puppets can serve many masters. Supernatural lords serve divinities and cults, and the mortals who follow both can serve as vessels for such power. And though they are called angelic, fey, demonic, or devilish, they aren't necessarily innately lawful, good, chaotic, or evil. Any divinity or cult can have such servants, though the more likely ones are noted below.

Puppet Divinities & Cults

Greek & Roman
Apanchomene (Artemis/ Diana): Espousing childlike innocence, she is served by angelic and fey lords.
Dionysus/ Bacchus: As used in his theatres,  fey and demonic lords abound.
Hecate/ Trivia: Demanding justice via magic poppets, she is served by angelic and devilish lords.