Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Clerics of Svarog (Part II)

Clerics of Svarog healing the faithful, with sky, fire, and people (hopefully Slavs)! (19th century woodcut)

Healing Side-Effects (Svarog)
Always a rural faith, those who receive healing at a Kapishche (Slavic outdoor sacred enclosure) gain 50% extra benefit from the spell cast.

1-2. A Lawful Land, Well-worked:  Being in a civilized land where people don’t use weapons of wood or stone, where each woman only has one husband, and the like is required for the healing to work. Who would want to be healed anywhere else anyway?

3-4. My Many Children: As father of the Slavic Gods, Svarog is father of all Slavic people too, and as such, requires their presence for this healing to take place. For every level the healing spell has, 5 onlookers are needed; only 3 are needed though if they are Slavs, just 1 if they are Slavic peasants!

5-6. The Pain is Burned Away: And what better way to spread civilization and people than with fire! It is now a 1d6 x 10’ wide fire that is needed for the healing spell. Being a Smith God though, Svarog will be content with a forge of any size in this case.

7-8. Under the Sky: All that is required now is the open sky, where Svarog can look down at his lands, children, and forge fires. If not underneath one at the time of healing, then the patient receives it once he or she does so.

9-12. Blessing of Svarog:  Not only is the patient healed for the spell’s full amount, but if in a Lawful land, with enough people present, near an adequate fire, and/or under the open sky (as per the aforementioned Healing Side-Effects), then the recipient gains a +1 bonus to all rolls that take place within 30’ of each one for the next 1d6 hours (up to +2 when more than one apply).