Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Pan Encounters, Part III

Quests of Pan
When it comes to Pan's contests, it can be unclear who is the winner. Roll 1d12.

1-2. Be wild, naturally! All encountered in this area seem to be taking on the element of a wild animal, needing to save vs. death/ make a Will save DC 10 to not act fully bestial. Followers of Pan can of course ignore this effect, but why would they want to?

3-4. Enjoy making love, it truly sets you free: The next pair to lie together will gain a blessing of Pan for the next 2d6 hours, enjoying a +1d3 bonus to all rolls as long as they abide by his tenets, which might include even more lovemaking.

5-6. Respect wild places, keep despoilers out of them! A group of orcs have come to a sacred wild place, intent on chopping down the trees, slaying the beasts, and defiling any of the faithful. Worse still, they have somehow captured a dryad and subjected her to their revolting ways; that is, until someone teaches them a fatal lesson.