Wednesday, April 28, 2021

Moneychangers of Geedeepee, Part V

Geedeepee Encounters

Roll 1d12 
1.  A wealthy man holds a  menacing influence over this area. Named Master Ignatius, he is as haughty as he is decrepit and rich, and if he hasn't yet begun to work with Geedeepee, he soon will. Even worse, he controls the local node (see Volume II).

2. With a blackness in the air, the party correctly senses that an unholy shopping event is about to befall the next market they visit. Once found, the townsfolk will fight madly for the newest item, happily stampeding any who stand in their way (including any party members foolish enough to do so), causing 3d6 damage to those who fail their save vs. paralysis/ Reflex save DC 15. Geedeepee will smile upon what a Dark Day it will be!

3. Rumors abound of the local Thieves Guild challenging some upstart banker. Once the latter calls upon the aid of Geedeepee though, it will be hard to see who the cruelest will be.

4.  A random, unlucky party member is suddenly overcome with the urge to spend all his or her gold on frivolous things. He or she might think that is bad until it also attracts the attention of a new confidant, one who shows great interest in their lack of financial restraint: a moneychanger.

5. Someone claiming to be a 'commissar' approaches the party, intent on rooting out 'Capitalist Scum'. Though he follows the fell Uncle Steel Dwarf, scrolls he shows do point to an actual Geedeepee plot, which they may wish to foil after they're done with him.
6. At the next tavern the party enters, all the working folk wear garish outfits and forced smiles. Whether serving wench or barkeep, they remain under the spell of a new owner, one keen on making a profit at everyone else's expense- very devilish indeed.

7. With a devastating roar, a large and strange bear emerges. The party may soon realize it's sacred to Geedeepee when their fortunes quickly drop...
Geedeepee Bear: Align: C, MV: 50’, AC: 4, HD: 7, Atk: 3 (2 claws, 1 bite), Dmg: 1d3+2/ 1d3+2/1d6+4, SP: those fighting it have all their rolls 
and their wealth halved  too (save vs. death/ Will save DC 10 negates, can be rerolled each round, though any lost wealth must be regained through the usual methods), SV: F7, Mor: 10

8. 1d4 random items that party recently purchased prove to be faulty: weapons break when parried, armor seizes up, waterskins leak, and the like. Though they originally seemed fine, on close inspection, they show shoddy craftmanship. Perhaps that's why they were so enticingly priced and had the face of a laughing coin on them?

9. Rumors of boxing clubs have sprung up in this area, intent on removing the greed and shallowishness of the local rulers. And though the boxers are harsh and subversive, it's nothing compared how the rulers are when crossed.

10. The greediest member of the party is visited by a number of ghosts during the night. The following morning, he must save vs. spell/ make a Will save DC 15 or forswear his avarice, otherwise he must become an official follower of Geedeepee.

11. Rumors tell of an exceedingly dangerous bull in the area. Those who stumble upon it find it to be one spawned by Geedeepee, and a pet of a local moneychanger.
Geedeepee Bull: Align: C, MV: 70’, AC: 2, HD: 4*, Atk: 1 (gore), Dmg: 1d8+5, SP: may charge for double damage; for every victim it kills, it gains 1 additional HD, though if it reaches 12 HD, it explodes- otherwise, its HD reduces back to 4 at the rate of 1 per hour, Save: F4*, Mor: 11.
12. A moneychanger counts his wealth at this place. He is level 1d10 and guarded by (roll 1d4): [1] 2d3 bodyguards with 1d2 HD each, [2] a Geedeepee Bear (per #7 above), [3] a Geedeepee Bull (per #11 above), [4] reroll 1d3 twice. Though formidable, there's also a base 25% chance that he abuses his protectors (since they don't have nearly as much treasure as he does), and if properly motivated, they could turn on him.

Next week: we begin a new series on totems, starting with the wolf!