Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Hera Encounters, Part I

Followers of Hera

Some may heed all her tenets, while others emphasize one most of all. This choice not only determines the fashion of their beliefs, but it can also adjust the mysteries, magical side-effects, and divine test results available to them from Volume I.

Main Emphasis (d10)
1. Women come first, men must follow
2. Never let a man subjugate a woman!
3. A clever matriarch must carry herself well
4. A clever matriarch must have eyes all around her...
5. Take vengeance upon those who wrong you, especially if they are men, and especially if they have been unfaithful!
6. Otherwise be a good wife and mother
7. Children, child birth
8. Cattle, 'ox-eyed'
9-10. Reroll twice