Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Clerics of Svarog/ Slavic Clerics, Pt. III

Sky Fire
Svarog will illuminate for his faithful all that sparks underneath his great domain.
Image: Life of the East Slavs by Sergey Ivanov, 1908.
Divine Tests
1-3. Gaze upon all that Svarog has forged! The cleric must do so for the next 2d6 turns, except if a smith’s fire or beautiful skyscape is available for his viewing (a base 25% chance in appropriate areas). In this case, the cleric then need only gaze for 1d3 turns.

4-8. The volkhv experiences a reduction in spells available (50% chance for each one) for the rest of the day. Roll 1d6 for each spell lost to determine what he needs to do in order to regain it before then:
[1] Make sure a marriage is monogamous (a base 50% chance that it is not already so). If not, then he must take steps to correct it!
[2] Administer at a Kapishche for 2d6 turns (Slavic outdoor sacred enclosure). If not available, a new one can be built with the assistance of 1d4 others and 1d20 in gold pieces for double that amount of time.
[3] Consult omens for 1d3 turns, though the spell only has a 50% chance of returning in this manner (if it was a bad omen!)
[4] Engage in a ritual lasting at least 2d6 turns, requiring 1d6 other participants, a good fire, and either a lawful land or the open sky (or both).
[5] Make an offering of harvest foods that reflect the nature of the spell lost (per Referee).
[6] Make a living sacrifice that matches the nature of the spell lost (are there any missionaries around?)

9-12. As Sky Father, Svarog has many children. Rather than experiencing Sky Fire from Svarog directly, reroll and consider the Test to actually be for one of the following Divinities instead (roll 1d4):
[1] Dazbog (as Apollo: see Vol I)
[2] Svarožič (as Vulcan: see Vol II)
[3] Perun (as Thor: see Vol. I)
[4] Lada (as Freya: see Vol. I)
The Referee should feel free to adjust any results to make them more ‘Slavic’, especially until those Divinities can be given their own, unique entries in a later work.

13-17. Whether it be Chernobog or some stone-stealing duck, the priest of Svarog becomes preternaturally intolerant of dark, primitive, and/or deceitful beings. Even if it might seem foolhardy at the time, he must now save or attack such creatures and individuals on sight until they’ve fallen, though he also now gains a bonus to all other rolls made against them, as well, by becoming more (roll 1d4): [1] bright, [2] windy, [3] fiery, or [4] lawful-smith-like. For every Sky Fire result over 12, increase the difficulty of the save by 2 and the bonus to all other rolls by 1 (for -2 save/ +1 to all other rolls for #13, -4 save/ +2 to all other rolls for #14, etc.) Though the effect is permanent, additional instances of these results may only adjust the priest’s visage and modifiers to different types and values: they do not accumulate.

18+ Svarog forged this world and it might come to an end at any time! The cleric realizes this truth and the next adult being he looks at (that could be considered ‘an encounter’) has a 50% of ceasing to exist! If that being continues to exist, then the next one he looks at has a 50% chance of ceasing to exist, and so on. This Test continues until one being ceases to exist for every Sky Fire result over 17. The cleric would be wise to avoid reflective surfaces during this time...