Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Artemis Encounters, Part I

 Followers of Artemis

Though Artemis's followers usually honor all her tenets, many emphasize one or a few. This choice not only guides their motivations and general personality traits, but it can also adjust the mysteries, magical side-effects, and divine test results available as written in Volume I.

Main Emphasis (d10)
1. Care for animals (Potnia Theron)
2. Assist expectant mothers (Eileithyia)
3. Protect children, innocence (Brauronia)
4. Protect wild places - honor sacred barriers (Britomartis)
5. Enjoy the hunt (Agrotera)
6. Savor the liberating light of the moon, transformation (Selene)
7. Protect virginity (Parthenos)
8. Honor bears (Kallisto)
9. Bring harsh judgment upon those who transgress upon innocence (Keladeinē)
10. Split focus (reroll twice)